Welcome to the EACA Annual Report

2017 has been another busy year for EACA – across our 4 key areas of activity, we have continued to refine and improve the services we offer to our members. Intensive lobbying at EU level, two major new industry initiatives and a refresh of our Inspire! training and education hub have all combined to move the Association forward and to lay the groundwork on which we can build in 2018 and beyond.

Director General, EACA

Dominic Lyle

«This report is the reflection of a great deal of hard work by numerous people and organisations. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed to the work of EACA over the last twelve months. First & foremost, our members for their expert contribution and financial and moral support, our President for his commitment to our goals, the chairmen of our Councils for their contribution to our many projects and particularly to the small but dedicated team in Brussels who make it all possible.

It is a tribute to their hard work that we won two international Association Awards for the ‘Inspire! by eaca’ website and the Euro Effies 20th Anniversary Gala. Sadly this will be my last annual report for EACA as I will be retiring from the Association in June 2018 after 16 years as Director General. It is impossible to put into words the gratitude I feel for the support I have received from the industry across Europe and beyond, which has led to many friendships which will endure well beyond my immediate retirement.»

President EACA

Dominic Grainger

«My aim as President of EACA has been to communicate the enduring and positive contribution of commercial communications to European economies and to address the growing digital skills need within the commercial communications sector.

Our support for the comprehensive industry study by Deloitte on the Value of Advertising across European markets and some global markets, which was published in January 2017, has proved an important tool in helping to demonstrate the added value of advertising and to influence positively our discussion with legislators and politicians. The importance of understanding the potential of future technologies was clearly shown by the attendance at EACA’s Evolution Lab conference in October, which addressed the challenges and opportunities for advertising in the age of Artificial Intelligence.

On the legislative front, the complexities of the General Data Protection Regulation and the ePrivacy Regulation have required intense efforts by the EACA team in co-operation with our European industry partners to try to achieve the most positive result possible for the commercial communications and these continue as we enter the final stages of discussion.

Elsewhere, EACA has addressed two key challenges for our industry: the development of a European Viewability Standard which will launch in 2018 and an in-depth study of Contract Compliance & Media Benchmarking which has succeeded in bringing the key auditing firms, the World Federation of Advertisers and all the major media agency groups together for the first time to work towards a set of best practice guidelines for these critical activities.

All in all, a year of progress and achievement.

Manager Director, WFA


«EACA plays a key role in defending the interests of the ad industry and improving the perception of the advertising industry by European regulators.»



We protect agencies’ interests daily in Brussels by lobbying the EU institutions and EU member states on behalf of agencies. Check our activity!

Industry initiatives

EACA is partnering with other industry bodies to tackle some of the key industry issues which influence agency business at a large scale.


We run three advertising awards: the Euro Effies for effectiveness, the IMC European Awards for promotional marketing and the Care Awards for social marketing.

Knowledge centre

The Knowledge Centre provides useful information to agencies, members, policy stakeholders and anyone interested in the industry.


Our single European hub with education and training opportunities for all stakeholders in the communications industry.


Our vision

We protect agencies’ interests daily in Brussels by lobbying the EU institutions and EU member states on behalf of agencies.

We represent uniquely agencies and promote: 

their right to conduct business freely, their crucial role in the advertising chain, honest and effective advertising and awareness of the economic contribution of advertising.

To do that in 2017, EACA had


Meetings with the Industry


Meetings with the European Commission


Meetings with the european council


Meetings with the european parliament


EU Lobbying Files

The ePrivacy Regulation

Advocating against a complete cut-off of 3rd party data processing.

The Audiovisual Media Services Directive

Making sure alcohol and food advertising on TV remains legal.

Self and co-regulation

Working towards reducing regulatory red-tape and promoting self-regulatory initiatives.


Promoting fairness and transparency in platform-to-business relations.

Data Protection

Ensuring right interpretation of the General Data Protection Regulation for the ad industry.

Follow the Money

Representing agency voice in discussions around an EU agreement between intellectual property rights holders and the advertising industry.

Solving industry issues for and with agencies


EACA has launched the European Viewability Initiative in co-operation with WFA and IAB Europe.

Pitch Evaluator

Agencies can now assess how risky it is for them to get involved in a pitch.

Media Auditing

Following the Report ‘Auditing: Contract Compliance and Media Benchmarking – Rebuilding Trust’, advertisers, agencies and auditors started working on mutually agreed best practice guidelines.


Promoting this important industry initiative, which EACA is part of.

GDPR Consent Tool

Building a consent tool which will help agencies comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Evolution Lab 2017, which took place on 17 October 2017 was a three-day annual gathering comprising EACA agency member meetings, an industry conference, a meeting of academics in the commercial communications sector and the Euro Effie Awards Gala, which rewards the most effective marketing campaigns in Europe and won the ‘Best Association Awards Event’ in 2017.

The title of the 2017 edition was ‘Advertising in the Age of Artificial Intelligence’. Please visit the event website for more information.

Partnerships with media companies and other Brussels-based associations to promote and report on our networking event helped to make the conference a success, as demonstrated by the positive feedback of the participants and the speakers at the event, which received over 290 registrations for the 250 available seats.

Over 90% of participants rated the overall organisation of the event as 4 or 5 out of 5. The event hashtag #EvoLab had 625,015 impressions and a reach of 328,748. Combined with the 1,285,156 impressions and reach of 871,123 of the Euro Effies the same evening, our Evolution Lab networking event generated an impressive reaction on social media.

Euro Effies, Imc and care awards

Our Awards

Our three Award programmes, the Euro Effies for effectiveness, the IMC European Awards for promotional marketing and the Care Awards, in partnership with ACT Responsible, for social marketing, are an international showcase for the best agency work in their respective fields. They have all enjoyed a record year in 2017, with a significant rise in both the number and quality of entries.

The Euro Effie Awards showed, once again, that pan-European advertising campaigns can be super effective!

The Euro Effies Gala won Best Event at the European Association Awards 2017!


Have a look at 2017’s Grand Prix winning case for Aldi!

Congratulations to Grey Europe on winning the Agency of the Year Award!

Alexander Schlaubitz

Vice President Marketing at Lufthansa, Jury Chair Euro Effies 2017

“I’ve had the honour to chair the Awards before. This is in my view one of the most prestigious marketing awards – anywhere. So I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of this jury.”

NEW in 2017: the Positive Change Euro Effie Awards!

This year’s competition involved a new category: the Positive Change Euro Effie Awards. This multi-national program, run in collaboration with the World Economic Forum, showcases how effective marketing communications with a purpose can make a positive difference for brands, society and the environment.

Check out the first Euro Effies Positive Change winners!

Europe’s best promotional marketing campaigns were chosen in September! 85 winners, representing 32 agencies from 7 countries, were selected by a jury panel made up of 45 leading industry professionals across Europe.

Take a look at one of the big winners of this year, These Days with their campaign “Coins of Hope” which won 3 Golds and was awarded the Grand Prix.

Agencies & NGOs from around the world showed again why advertising can be a major force for good. The Grand Prix was awarded to RBK Communication for the campaign Baltic Sea Project / Aland Index.

Dita Charanzová

Member of the European Parliament, Jury President

«I looked forward to seeing the new creative entries this year and to welcoming you to the 2017 Care Awards. Participating as a Jury Chair for the first time in the Care Awards last year left a strong mark on me.  I was impressed at how such difficult stories, ranging from a large variety of topics, and their messages were expressed so effectively and effortlessly in just a matter of minutes. Marketing is a business tool that can have a strong impact, and not only in a business environment. The Care Awards recognize excellence in this form of communication to change people’s behaviur for the benefit of the consumer and society as a whole. Instead of drawing attention to a product, these campaigns highlight everyday problems that are too often ignored in a way that inspires action.»

Have a look at 2017’s Grand Prix winner: Baltic Sea Project / Aland Index by RBK Communication!

Providing agencies with knowledge and guidance

The Ad Index is released quarterly and informs agencies about the ad industry’s business confidence and their demand, employment and price evolution expectations. It is a great tool box for any managing director to help them make informed business decisions.

The Industry Guidelines offer guidance to
agencies and their staff to meeting high quality
standards in the work they produce and in the
work place.

You can now find studies, reports or thought leadership pieces on EACA’s website. This will make your search for the most relevant studies much faster and more fruitful. All content is searchable by topic. Dive in.

our education hub

Our vision

Inspire! by eaca is a single European hub with education and training opportunities for all stakeholders in the communications industry that aims to raise industry standards, develop talent and boost dialogue and cooperation.


This year, the EACA International Advertising Summer School 2017 took place in Prague, Czech Republic. 68 students and young professionals worked on creating a campaign for client McDonald’s while being guided through the world of advertising and commercial communications by industry professionals.


250 young professionals in the European advertising industry have completed the 2017 European Advertising Certificate (EAC) exam with 93% achieving passes, continuing the success of previous years. 27 papers (12%) were awarded distinctions, which is 2% up on the percentage for last year.

The EACA Academy offers a wide range of seminars and workshops tailored to agency needs:


Qualified trainers with in-depth experience of the agency business


Regular updates to content to keep up with industry developments

Our Achievements

Finalist at the European Associations Awards for Best Website 2017

Winner at the International Association Awards for Best Website 2017

Our educational institute

Our educational institute, edcom, composed of 47 members from 19 countries, continues to work towards bridging the gap between academia and the agency world. Our principal aim is to help academics better prepare their students for the realities of today’s and tomorrow’s advertising business.

In response to a brief by client European Women’s Lobby, students from across Europe were asked to create a campaign around the topic of gender equality and women’s rights. After two rounds of judging, the top three finalists presented their campaigns at the edcom May meeting in Lisbon. This year’s edition had 83 team registrations, 60 submitted campaigns from 14 countries.

Tortoise outside

The edcom Thesis Competition rewards the best Bachelor and Master theses on advertising or commercial communications among edcom member schools. This year, 17 entries were assessed by the Research Committee in three rounds. The winners were awarded with travel, accommodation and a seat to the EACA International Summer School 2017.


edTalks are 30 min online sessions which introduce issues, perspectives and new trends of the advertising industry. They are given by leading practitioners of the commercial communications industry.


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Director General

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Director of European Affairs

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Communications & Events Assistant

In 2017, we not only adapted to changing circumstances but worked to lay the foundations for a wide range of exciting new activities for the future. Thank you to all our members for your continued support and commitment to EACA.