The Industry Guidelines below offer guidance to agencies and their staff to meeting high quality standards in the work they produce and in the work place. When clicking on the topic of interest, a drop down will appear where you can download the relevant document and a brief explanation of the content. 

Code of Ethics

The adherence to high ethical principles is a requirement for any business sector today. As the representative body for the advertising and commercial communications sector in Europe, it is EACA?s task to ensure that member companies have clear guidance on the ethical standards that we set for ourselves and that our stakeholders fully understand our commitments to the highest standards of performance.

Download EACA's Code of Ethics.


EACA Green Office Guide

Some companies decide to go green to save money. Some do it to reassure clients, or because clients are expanding their corporate responsibility to include their whole supply-chain – including marketing suppliers. Some do it because their employees insist. Whatever their motives, many corporations - and a growing number of public sector agencies - now build environmental, community and ethical priorities into their strategies and operations. Think global they say and act local. Here’s how.

Download EACA's Green Office Guide for Agencies


This document provides guidelines for both parties, the agency and the client, on how to organise, conduct and conclude a pitch process leading to a new client-agency relationship. These are guidelines - not rules. They will hopefully provide helpful advice, both regarding the general principles and on points of detail. Although this paper was prepared with multi-country assignments in mind, it should also be useful as a roadmap where the pitch is in just one country, especially where no existing guidelines and procedures have been developed and approved by that country’s national association. In situations where national guidelines exist, these should naturally be respected and followed.

Download the WFA/EACA Pitch Guidelines

Download the Executive Summary

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act was passed in the US in 2002, having been drawn up following a number of high profile accounting scandals, such as Enron, that seriously dented investor confidence.

Download The Sarbanes-Oxley Act


EACA guidelines for agencies on the portrayal of disabilities in advertising, to encourage advertisers and their agencies to cast people with disabilities more frequently in commercials and to help them to understand the sensitivities involved.

Download Portrayal of Disabilities in Advertising

Transfer of Undertakings

The Transfer of Undertakings report lays down rules on the protection of employees in the case of mergers, acquisitions and takeover of undertakings. Although this stems from highly laudable intentions, the resulting directive has been drafted in such a broad way that it must be read in conjunction with a large body of case-law and the relevant national legislation.

Download EACA's Transfer of Undertakings report


Guide to choosing and using a media audior

The media spend of any advertiser company is typically one of its highest outgoings and it is for this reason that most companies wish to assess this spend regularly to ensure that maximum efficiency is being achieved. 

Download the WFA Guide

Selecting a media agency

Whatever their size and experience, advertisers strive for quality, performance and productivity in all disciplines; and media strategy/media buying are no exception.

Download the WFA/EACA Guide

Crowdfunding Guide for Media Professionals

The Future Media Lab., in cooperation with the European Crowdfunding Network and the European Magazine Media Association, has published a “Crowdfunding Guide for Media Professionals” to serve as an introduction to how crowdfunding works and how it can be applied within the media industry.

In addition, the Future Media Lab. runs a series of highly interactive, inspirational and educative Crowdfunding Workshops that aim to bring participants up to speed on how to use crowdfunding within their own business context.

Download the Guide

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