Welcome to EACA Annual Report

Intensive lobbying at EU level, new initiatives and a brand new Board of Directors - 2019 has been busy!

Director General, EACA

Tamara daltroff

«2019 has been busy, but a good busy! The EACA team worked hard to improve the services we offer to our members. Intensive lobbying at EU level, new initiatives and services have all combined to move the Association forward and to lay the groundwork on which we can build in 2020 and beyond. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed to the work of EACA over the last year, especially our Members, Councils and the President. The support we have received was amazing and – only together – we can strengthen and improve the industry. 

In 2019, the public affairs team stayed extremely active with the lobbying activities and introduced a few new services like the end of year outlook report or the member surveys. It’s been busy across other departments as well! For the Effie Awards, we introduced new categories and had two jury chairs – one from the client side and one from the agency side. All in all, very exciting developments to raise the standards in recognising effectiveness in advertising in Europe. In the education department, we have continued our education programs through Inspire! and edcom.

Furthermore, during EACA’s Annual Meetings, EACA members elected their new Council Chairs and subsequent members of the Management Committee and the Board of Directors and we could not be more excited about working together in the future.

Looking at 2020, we hope to continue with the progress we have been making in the different areas, and to get ready to face a new wave of challenges such as the New Digital Services Act, more demanding work on disinformation and ePrivacy, and many more!»

President, EACA

Dominic Grainger

«Our industry is facing a lot of challenges, on one hand the desire for greater ROI and revenue growth, on the other the societal changes with consumers and clients looking for value in advertising. With constant technological changes and digital advertising at the heart of the advertising landscape, we must work even closer together with clients (WFA) and other partner organisations such as IAB Europe or egta for example to improve the marketplace and to continue to lead as one of the best self-regulated industries. To do so, EACA’s team has worked hard to champion agencies’ interests towards legislators, politicians and the advertising ecosystem.

The key focuses of the year have been working and continuing to improve the relationship with the decision makers, specifically the new European Parliament and the European Commission. EACA have been actively sharing principles, messages and positions embraced by EACA’s members to facilitate favourable legislation in the future. The EACA team has worked on many issues, with the focus going to the ePrivacy Regulation, including facilitating the implementation of the GDPR, the disinformation and the digital taxation.

These are just some of the initiatives we have focussed on and you can read more about our 2019 achievements in the report below.

Thank you to all our members and other stakeholders for their support this year and we look forward to many exciting opportunities as we move into a new decade.»

During EACA’s Annual Meetings in October, EACA members elected their new Council Chairs and subsequent members of the Management Committee and the Board of Directors. Check out the elected members here.



We promote and protect the interests of Europe’s communications agencies through our lobbying activities.

Industry initiatives

EACA is partnering with other industry bodies to tackle some of the key industry issues which influence agency business at a large scale.


We run two advertising awards: the Effie Awards Europe for effectiveness and the IMC European Awards for promotional marketing.


Our single European hub with education and training opportunities for all stakeholders in the communications industry.


Strategy for the new EU Policy Cycle

2019 has been an exciting year with the European Parliament elections and new European Commission leadership. One of EACA’s principal aims has been to increase knowledge of the communications industry and the issues that it is facing vis-à-vis the new decision-makers. For this reason, EACA has been actively sharing principles, messages and positions embraced by EACA’s members to facilitate favourable legislation in the future.

Based on our key messages, we have aimed to strengthen connections that already exist and to create new mutual relationships and dialogue with decision-makers for the next five-year political term.

Key materials and actions:

Based on our analysis of the new Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) and the subsequent outreach campaign, eight follow-up meetings took place with MEP offices. EACA has also been actively following the hearings of the relevant Commissioners and extracting messages for agencies.

Activities in Numbers


strategy for the 2019-2024 EU cycle


meetings and calls with the industry


Meetings with the EU institutions


meetings and calls with the members


position papers and industry statements


Responses to public consultations and reports to the EU institutions


advocacy-related social media posts


advocacy-related press releases/news on the website


Advocacy-related blog posts


member surveys


advocacy newsletters


end of year outlook report

EU Lobbying Files


Advocating agencies to have more transparency in their business relations with online platforms during the review period of the “P2B Regulation”.

Demonstrating active stakeholder involvement by joining the Forum of the Observatory on Online Platform Economy.

The ePrivacy Regulation

Advocating against data processing becoming fully dependent on user consent and against the ban of “cookie walls”.

Issuing four industry statements to the EU institutions.


Ensuring that commitments from the industry to fight fake news are feasible and respect agencies’ roles and functions in the ad ecosystem.

Reporting on agencies’ actions to the European Commission as part of the Code of Practice on Online Disinformation.

The Audiovisual Media Services Directive

Monitoring and informing members about the transposition of the new law and its implications for agencies.

Discussing agencies’ concerns in an executive CERRE seminar.

Political advertising

Monitoring efforts to regulate political advertising and initiating industry efforts to avoid hard legislation.

Meetings with the European Commission to discuss the direction of new legislation.

New Deal for Consumers

Making sure that the list of banned advertising practices is not unreasonably expanded and avoiding damaging impact on the advertising self-regulatory system.

Issuing voting recommendations to the European Parliament with two other associations.

Digital Taxation

Leading efforts to avoid agencies becoming subject to additional digital services tax and double taxation.

Setting up a digital tax task force to coordinate responses to the OECD.

Follow the Money

Demonstrating the efforts of agencies to fight intellectual property infringing websites through a voluntary memorandum of understanding.

Facilitating new agency member to join the initiative after the initial one-year assessment period.


Monitoring developments at the UK and EU-level, raising awareness of potential impact on agencies based in the UK or those dealing with the UK.

Regularly updating a FAQ webpage.

Artificial Intelligence

Participating in public discussions regarding what kind of regulation is needed in the EU.

Conducting a member survey to identify agencies’ reliance on and priorities linked to AI technologies.

New Services

Frequently updated online events calendar

Providing the hottest industry and policy events in one place!

Member surveys

Providing insight on topics such as artificial intelligence, policy priorities and disinformation based on members’ responses!

End of year outlook report

Informing members of the legislative and policy developments expected in the new year!

New format of monthly newsletter

Helping our online audience to discover what EACA members are doing int he new members’ section of the newsletter!

Solving industry issues for and with agencies

Transparency & Consent Framework

EACA, on behalf of agencies, provides input for the governance of the Framework and makes sure that agencies' interests are reflected by being part of the TCF Steering Group. In 2019, EACA supported the launch of TCF 2.0, which will further increase the transparency and choice to consumers and ensure compliance with the GDPR and ePrivacy Directive.

Your Online Choices

EACA supports EDAA, the entity behind the AdChoices Icon and YourOnlineChoices, in its work around an updated version, which will increase consumer transparency and integrate better with other industry initiatives in the area of transparency and choice.

Unstereotype Alliance

EACA is actively engaged in strengthening responsible advertising standards including the prevention of gender stereotypes with the support of an international network. To support these aims, the 2019 Ad Venture competition focused on “breaking gender stereotypes in toy marketing”.

Effie Awards Europe & IMC European Awards

Our Awards

We run two advertising awards annually: the Effie Awards Europe for effectiveness and the IMC European Awards for promotional marketing. In 2019, both have enjoyed a significant rise in the quality of entries.

The Effie Awards Europe showed, once again, that European advertising campaigns can be very effective! This year, we have introduced the Best of the Best Europe Effie Awards. This new ‘category’ recognises the best marketing campaigns in Europe that have already won Gold in national Effie competition. We are also delighted to announce that, for the first time ever, we had two jury chairs – one from the client side and one from the agency side. It is a first for our dedicated Grand Jury too. All in all, very exciting developments to raise the standards in recognising effectiveness in advertising in Europe.

Harjot Singh, Chief Strategy Officer at Mccann Worldgroup, Jury Co-Chair

The Effies are the most definitive, credible, and recognized standard of the most compelling effectiveness stories for our industry. The new changes to the Effie program and the new categories that have been introduced as a result are all very exciting and timely. They have been made possible by the relentless hard work and deliberation from all members of the steering committee and I am very excited to see it all come to life in 2019.

Bastien Schupp, Vice President, Global Brand Strategy at Group Renault, Jury Co-Chair

While most of us push to get the most creative campaigns out there, the only thing that really counts is their effectiveness. I am honoured to chair the jury of this prestigious award and look forward to reviewing powerful cases with my fellow marketers!”


Have a look at 2019’s Grand Effie winning case for ‘Like Brands’ 2011-2018!

Congratulations to McCann Worldgroup on winning the Agency of the Year Award!

In 2019, we had our second Effie Europe Forum, a flagship event conceived to further champion marketing effectiveness as well as to help promote and inculcate the effectiveness culture within clients and agencies. The Forum continues to be a success and proves that there’s a demand for Effie workshops to bring to life the learnings for the attendees on how to develop a great winning Effie case by taking them through the background issue, objectives, strategy and of course results. This year, we kicked off with a presentation from Facebook on building communities for people, followed by a panel discussion on the new ways to consume media and how brands can have an impact, and the four case study presentations from McCann Manchester, LDV United, TBWA/Helsinki and SOK Media.

Above, Alexis Lebedoff, Country Director of Facebook Belgium, talking about the importance of building communities.

Check out the highlights from the Awards Gala!

Europe’s best promotional marketing campaigns were chosen in October! 62 winners, representing 20 agencies from 7 countries, were selected by a jury panel made up of 40 leading industry professionals across Europe.

Take a look at one of the big winners of this year, Guns or Knives with their campaign “jazz cab” which won 4 Golds, and was awarded the Grand Prix.

our education hub

Our vision

Inspire! by eaca is a single European hub with education and training opportunities for all stakeholders in the communications industry that aims to raise industry standards, develop talent and boost dialogue and cooperation.

EACA Summer School 2019 Paris

The 10th edition of the EACA International Advertising Summer School took place in Paris, France where nearly 80 participants were challenged to work on a brief by The Economist. 28 students in the field of commercial communications and 48 young professionals from media, creative and digital agencies were split into international and multidisciplinary teams. Over the course of the week they attended brilliant workshops delivered by some of the best trainers in the industry, targeting both soft and hard skills, while preparing for their big pitch day.

The European Advertising Certificate (EAC) offers young professionals the opportunity to learn about the core principles of the advertising industry. This year, over 100 young professionals from 14 countries across Europe sat the exam with a majority of the examinees passing. Going forward and continuing on the path of success achieved in the previous years, new and exciting courses will be introduced for senior professionals in the advertising industry as well in the upcoming year. 

The EACA Academy offers a wide range of seminars and workshops tailored to agency needs:


Qualified trainers with in-depth experience of the agency business


Regular updates to content to keep up with industry developments

The European Institute for Commercial Communications Education

EACA’s educational institute, edcom, is composed of 51 members from 18 countries. The institute aims to bridge the gap between academia and the industry by organising student competitions, encouraging the sharing of knowledge and the exchange of students and academic staff.


edcom students were challenged to work on a campaign, aiming to raise awareness about gender stereotypes in toys marketing in response to a brief by Let Toys Be Toys. Following three rounds of rigorous judging, out of the 60 submitted campaigns the winners came from Sup de Pub, France.

The edcom Thesis Competition rewards the best Bachelor and Master theses on advertising or commercial communications among edcom member schools. This year, edcom has received 20 entries from 12 countries across Europe. The winners were awarded €400 cash and for the first time an exclusive Statista Premium subscription for a year. Their respective universities each received a €400 voucher to be used on edcom and EACA initiatives for educational purposes.

The edcom Talent Roundtable, in partnership with Kantar, Brought together professionals with different backgrounds from across Europe to discuss what skills and qualities are required from the next generation of talent and what the challenges in recruiting talented young people are. The White Paper distils the discussion and the outcomes of the Roundtable providing insights for both universities teaching commercial communications as well as for advertising agencies. You can find full report here.

A big thank you to all our members for your continued support and commitment to EACA.

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