2023 EACA Publications Recap

2023 EACA Publications Recap

The EACA team prepared a recap of EACA publications and releases throughout 2023 to read whenever you are seeking inspiration and want to learn different perspectives.

Don’t miss the chance to catch up with the publications of the last months!

This image is a fragment of the booklet cover. On a wide aspect ratio, the composition consists of a soft red background and a big circle that covers the right 3/4 of the picture, only being visible part of its shape. The circle has a color gradient that includes the colors of EACA's branding (blue, purple, red and orange). On top of it, a white cross with a missing central square that goes beyond the limit of the picture, only being visible the bottom half of it. and the title of the booklet next to it, on its bottom right corner. "Orgnisational health, the new competitive advantage in a post-COVID world" in a thin, sans-serif and rounded font.
Organisational Health, the New Competitive Advantage in a Post-COVID World

This publication brings together the HCC members, who are experts in healthcare comms to explore the factors contributing to success within and beyond the workplace.

The paper explains the key concepts of AI and generative AI and how they are transforming industries nowadays, focusing primarily on copyright issues.

The Secret Behind Ideas that Work – Effie Europe in collaboration with Kantar

Effie Europe partners with Kantar for releasing this study drawing out five key lessons for creating effective advertising from Effie Europe winning ads.

Logo of the booklet "Hoooray, crisis: How Strong Brands Benefit From a Period of Recession"
Hoooray, Crisis! – ENG Version of the Playbook from Our Member ACC Belgium

EACA published the English translation of “Hoooray, Crisis!” by (ACC Belgium) revealing how strong brands thrive during times of recession. 

2023 Global DEI Census

After a first successful census in 2021, this edition shed new light on the evolution of how individuals perceive inclusion in our field.

She is a Keeper

This playbook showcases 35 policies implemented successfully across countries and corporations to retain women in the industry.

The advertising industry: Should I stay or should I go on yellow background
Should I Stay or Should I Go?

The initiative is based on the results of a survey revealing the mismatches between the new generation of talent (Gen Z) and industry recruiters.