About Inspire

Background & objectives

At the beginning of 2021, EACA launched a survey amongst its National Association members to learn more about their priorities, objectives and appetites. As expected, the results formed a varied mosaic, however education was at the forefront.

The Education Task Force was formed soon after and these meetings brought to surface the industry’s real need for a platform which could:

  • help professionals & students across Europe find out more about learning opportunities outside their own countries
  • encourage interested speakers and companies to showcase their courses, talks, presentations and webinars
  • list certificates which add real value to their careers
  • allow organisations, agencies and businesses to choose from a wide range of courses and enhance their own educational programmes, for members or employees

‘INSPIRE’ came as a natural choice for the platform: studying is not about ticking off boxes in a quest for a career by the book, it’s about allowing yourself to grow, to listen and to redefine what outspiration and inspiration mean to you. Welcome!

How does INSPIRE work?

INSPIRE acts as a catalogue of courses and the bridge between speakers, course providers, professionals and students. In practice, this means that users cannot register to attend the various courses & events via the platform directly, nor they are requested to make any payments on the website.

Once a new course or learning opportunity is submitted to INSPIRE, it is immediately checked by the staff at EACA and sent to the INSPIRE committee for evaluation.
If needed, a pre-publishing meeting is organised to discuss and iron out any potential wrinkles in the study/presentation plan.
The new item is added to the platform and a notification is sent out via email to the platform followers. Those interested can then access INSPIRE to learn more.

The INSPIRE Committee

Dunja Ivana Ballon

Executive Director Hura Croatia

Dunja is an unlikely logics and philosophy professor and “an unavoidable fact when we talk about the Croatian advertising scene”, as Media Marketing portal put it. She manages the Croatian Association of Communications Agencies, JAB Croatia and the not your typical DK Festival.

Johan Vandepoel

CEO ACC Belgium

Johan built his background in advertising with 30 years of experience as COO at Young & Rubicam and Chairman at BBDO. He likes how the creative industry. perfectly blends together its mixture of various talents with totally different skillsets to provide smart solutions for their clients.

Louise Hinchliffe

Director of Professional Development IPA UK

Louise leads the team who develop and deliver industry.specific learning and development for advertising, media and marketing agencies at the IPA. She also advises our member agencies on talent programmes, employee engagement and how to write strategic development plans.

Pawer Tyszkiewicz

General Manager SAR Poland

Pawel worked in various fields, ranging from diplomacy (in the US and Canada) to sport. He joined the board of ZKDP – ABC.Poland from 2005 to 2020.Pawel was also the Chairman of Polish Advertising self-regulatory. organisation “Rada Reklamy” between 2007 and 2009.

Reetta Karjalainen

Head of Training Marketing Finland

Reetta has a strong experience in developing learning possibilities for professionals for over 20 years. She worked as a lecturer in discourse studies and multilingualism for a long time, and after that she has focused in developing digital learning platforms in several companies. Reetta works now as a Head of Learning in Marketing Finland organization, where she creates international learning possibilities for Finnish marketing and communication professionals.