AD Academy


Bulgarian Association of Communications Agencies (BACA) 


Ad Academy is a tripartite project between the Bulgarian Association of Communications Agencies (BACA), the Bulgarian Association of Advertisers (BAA) and New Bulgarian University. The main objective of the project is to bridge the gap between the university book knowledge and the real experience that the communication industry requires. Each association is represented by its members who take on the role of mentors and guide the teams of students on the journey to write a client and agency brief, develop a strong strategy and craft a communication campaign. All in all, it is a competition and everyone who participates wins. 

What is innovative about this initiative? 

Imagine that all of the sudden you are back to the good old days of university, only to find out that you have 3 days to craft a whole campaign for launching a new product. Intimidating, right? Something like what you are doing today. But don’t worry – every hero needs his team and you have yours! Each embodying superpowers – leadership, commitment, creativity, problem-solving and insight generator. No other project in Bulgaria brings in such scale the business directly to the newbies. The expectations are high, but so is the prize – internships, connections and being part of community. 


This February marks the 11th edition and it means two things – consistency and effectiveness. If we take a look back, we will see that for the eleventh editions, more than 150 leading companies from the industry participated by embodying the roles of speakers, panelists, moderators and judges. Most importantly, more than 500 internships and work positions have been secured for the outstanding students. Dozens of participating students have recognized working in the communications industry as their vocation and advertising as their professional calling in life.