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Ad of the month! February #staffpicks

February was short and full of great ads!

From the cheeky KFC UK “FCK, We’re Sorry” campaign by Mother London, relatable McDonald’s McCafé “Flat what?” by Leo Burnett London to sweet animation featured in “The Postman” by Renault and Publicis Loft, we saw both commercial and not-for-profit work bursting with creativity, using various channels to communicate a message.

One particular effort stuck with us the most in February. Hence, we decided to pick the “Birth, Deaths & Notices” print campaign by the Dublin Zoo and Rothco as our #adofthemonth!

The Dublin Zoo together with an agency Rothco reframed the traditional “Birth, Deaths & Notices” section of an Irish National newspaper to raise awareness about the wild rhino’s plummeting population.

We believe advertising can serve as a catalyst for positive social or environmental change. This case is an excellent example of that.

The print appeared in the 16 February issue.

Campaign credits:

Executive Creative Director- Alan Kelly
Creative Director- Jonathon Cullen
Copywriter- Rob Turner
Art Director- Dave Kelly
Head of Account Management- Miriam Hendrick

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