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Ad of the month! January #staffpicks

We really love ads, and in January we picked an ad we really really loved!

Many excellent campaigns that ran in European markets caught our attention last month, from the sweet “#glassandahalf” campaign by VCCP and Cadbury, entertaining “Transfer A Fan” by Duval Guillaume and Bundesliga to the peculiar “Pee Ad” by Åkestam Holst and IKEA!

However, the one ad that truly stood out from the crowd was “The Fearless are Here” by Y&R London and BBC. With its daring animation and thrilling soundtrack, the ad campaign perfectly captured the spirit of the Winter Olympics and won our hearts.

Excited to see what’s in store in February!

Watch the video below

Campaign credits
Advertising agency: Y&R London
Producer: Katherine Maidment
Executive creative director: Mark Roalfe
Creatives: Jim Bolton, Gavin McGrath, Psembi Kinstan
Business director: David Pomfret
Account manager: Tom Lamming
Production company: Nexus Studios
Director: Smith & Foulkes
Producer: Tracey Cooper
Sound house: Factory
Lead sound: Anthony Moore
Music company: Native
Composer: Fred Ashworth, Native

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