At EACA, we address our member’s regulatory concerns, to ensure that the voice of communications agencies is heard in Brussels and beyond.

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Political Ads

Political advertising is under scrutiny as regulators push for greater transparency. While we support the need for legislation, we want to ensure commercial advertising remains outside its scope. 

Substantiating Green Claims

With an increasing number of brands looking to market their products and services as environmentally friendly, regulators are tightening the rules on effectively substantiating green claims.

Sustainability Compliance

ESG and Sustainable Finance continue to be at the forefront of the EU’s regulatory agenda, advancing its Sustainable Finance Action Plan and a range of initiatives under the European Green Deal.

Tackling Disinformation

Online mis- and disinformation is of major concern for industry and regulators alike. At EACA, we support and promote the work media agencies do to to address and resolve this problem.

Targeting and Transparency

The way online advertising works is changing. At EACA, we want to ensure that targeted advertising, in line with GDPR and with proper consent, will remain an option for advertisers.

Sectoral Legislation

Overview of the key advertising-related challenges and relevant legislation that has been either implemented or proposed to tackle these issues, both at the EU and Member States Level.

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