Brexit - Frequently Asked Questions

Brexit - Frequently Asked Questions

'EACA has prepared this FAQ page on Brexit with the purpose of answering questions of general interest (state of affairs of negotiations etc.) and questions of particular interest/concern to communications agencies (doing business in the EU, sectors affected, recruiting talent, etc.).

Input for some of the questions has been received from the UK-based Advertising Association and their Strategic Policy Advisor Konrad Shek.

Agencies are encouraged to send additional questions to sofia.karttunen[at]

The information below does not constitute legal advice but rather an overview of issues to take into account and pointers to additional insight. For detailed information and clarifications, we highly recommend that you consult your government authorities or seek advice from a legal adviser.

Last updated: 13 December 2019

Section I: Overview and state of affairs

Section II: Questions of relevance to agencies

Section III: How do different sectors react to Brexit?