EACA recognises the importance to address the challenges associated with the dissemination of disinformation. The exploitation of online advertising on “fake news” not only causes public harm but also causes harm to businesses, brands and their reputation, which depend heavily on consumer trust. Furthermore, since online advertising is the main source of revenue for the diverse media landscape in Europe, we want to work towards ensuring that we support quality journalism and cutting off the financial incentives to fake news providers.

During the summer of 2018, EACA participated in the European Commission's Multi-stakeholder Forum, developing a Code of Practice to more efficiently and effectively tackle disinformation. It was officially handed over in October after which EACA has actively raised awareness of the Code and encouraged its members to join it and respect its principles.

EACA is committed to raising awareness among its membership of the Code and encouraging them to commit, for example, to increase scrutiny around ad placements and transparency on why users see certain ads.

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