Sectoral Legislation

Sectoral Legislation

Advertising is a critical component of modern business, allowing companies to reach and engage with their target audiences in creative and impactful ways. However, certain industries and products have come under scrutiny for their advertising practices and their potential impact on public health and well-being. In particular, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, and online gambling have emerged as highly regulated sectors, subject to stringent rules and guidelines aimed at ensuring responsible and ethical advertising practices.

For alcohol, the focus is on minimizing the promotion of excessive drinking and reducing the potential harms associated with alcohol consumption. Pharmaceutical advertising is closely monitored to ensure that patients receive accurate information about prescription drugs and their potential risks and benefits. Online gambling advertising is subject to strict regulations aimed at preventing problem gambling and ensuring that advertisements are not targeting vulnerable people.

This section provides an overview of the key advertising-related challenges, along with an overview of the relevant legislation that has been either implemented or proposed to tackle these issues, both at the EU and Member States level.


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