Tackling Disinformation

Tackling Disinformation

Online mis- and disinformation is of major concern for industry and regulators alike.
At EACA, we support and promote the work media agencies do to tackle this problem.

At EACA, we are committed to working with industry partners and other stakeholders to tackle disinformation head-on. The exploitation of online advertising by purveyors of false or misleading content not only causes public harm but also damages businesses, brands, and their reputation, which depend heavily on consumer trust. Furthermore, as online advertising is the main source of revenue for the diverse media landscape in Europe, we want to work to support quality journalism and at the same time cut off the sources of funding for those spreading false information.

As part of these efforts, EACA and four of its association members are signatories to the EU Code of Practice on Disinformation. The Code is currently undergoing revision to strengthen commitments and to redouble efforts to tackle disinformation online, together with new prospective signatories including fact-checkers and civil society organisations. With the help of our Media Quality Task Force, we will be focusing on increasing efforts around ad placement and strengthening brand safety tools, in addition to greater transparency surrounding political advertising. 


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