Targeting and Transparency

Targeting and Transparency

The way online advertising works is changing.
At EACA, we want to ensure that targeted advertising, in line with GDPR and with proper consent, will remain an option for advertisers.

Targeted advertising is undergoing substantial changes as privacy and consumer protection considerations are rising. The Digital Services Act imposes a ban on profiling minors as well as a ban on profiling based on processing special categories of personal data as encompassed by article 9 GDPR. Besides, the third party cookies deprecation will profoundly change targeted advertising practices as a whole.

These upcoming regulatory changes will have major consequences on marketing practices which are of concern to agencies. At EACA, we want to make sure that targeted advertising remains an option for advertisers, while taking all the necessary steps to ensure that consumers can make informed decisions about their advertising preferences. You can find hereafter EACA’s resources and efforts to support agencies in enforcing these new provisions.

Moreover, consumers increasingly want to understand why they see a given type of advertising and control the criteria on which an ad which is served to them. Fostering transparency in advertising is thus a crucial factor to build consumer trust towards brands and advertisers and has an important impact on media agencies.  The Digital Services Act will ensure that consumers have a better understanding of this. Additionally, the industry has come together to increase transparency and choice when it comes to personalised ads, particularly through the website, developed by EDAA. With the coming into effect of the DSA in 2023 and thus of additional transparency obligations on advertisers and platforms, EACA is taking active part in the updating process of YourOnlineChoices.


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