Targeted Advertising

Targeted Advertising


The way online advertising works is changing.
At EACA, we want to ensure that targeted advertising, in line with GDPR and with proper consent, will remain an option for advertisers.

Online advertising has been subject to increasing scrutiny in recent years. In response, the industry has come together to increase transparency and choice when it comes to personalised ads, particularly through the website, developed by EDAA.  

At the same time, regulators have been considering making a variety of changes to the laws that govern online advertising – particularly through the Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act. At EACA, we want to make sure that targeted advertising remains an option for advertisers, while taking all the necessary steps to ensure that consumers can make informed decisions about their advertising preferences.

As online advertising undergoes more radical change with the deprecation of third-party cookies, we are paying close attention to ensure that new models work for advertisers, agencies and consumers alike.


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