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Audiovisual Media Services Directive

The Audiovisual Media Services Directive impacts agencies’ possibilities to place advertising next to certain audiovisual media by stipulating quantitative and qualitative advertising rules.

The Directive was revised in 2016 – 2018. Now it not only covers traditional TV broadcasts but also on-demand (online) services, such as YouTube, Netflix and BBC. During the two-year negotiation and revision process, EACA actively engaged with decision-makers to promote agencies’ interests. In particular, EACA highlighted:

  • the value of self-regulation in all domains
  • the preference for self-regulation over co-regulation
  • the need for clear wording in the provisions concerning children
  • the desire to make product placement rules more flexible
  • the responsibility of platforms to protect minors

The Member States have until 19 September 2020 to implement and comply with the new rules.

EACA continues to liaise with its members and its partner European Advertising Standards Alliance to facilitate the implementation of the legislation.

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