Back to Office Campaign / Disconnect to Reconnect

Back to Office Campaign / Disconnect to Reconnect

Romanian Advertising Association (UAPR) 


After the pandemic, the ad industry got used to work from home and following a study we run among our members,aprox. 50% of the employees in the ad industry would like to keep the work from home way of working even if the pandemic is over. The campaign aimed at encouraging people to return to the office, focusing on the atmosphere and good things that happen when you are in the office with your colleagues. 

What is innovative about this initiative? 

We were the only industry to underline the advantages to getting back to office work. 


The campaign was deployed in social media (FB, Instagram) and following a second wave of research and feedback from the ad agencies, the percentage of employees coming back to the offices increased with 20%. Of course, this increase was not exclusive due to the campaign, but we are confident that it had an impact on the results :-).