BINGO first creative campaign for best practices

BINGO first creative campaign for best practices

SAR Marketing Communication Association


In November 2017 we publicated White Paper of Marketing Communication Industry (as a result of the Sectoral Dialogue initiated in 2015).

But in 2023 still we had the same challenges:

•           the companies’ still increasing focus on maximising their own benefits at the expense of suppliers

•           lack of awareness of mutual business benefits resulting from efficient attitude and partnership – based cooperation

•           still high transaction costs, included advertising pitches

•           lack of focus in tenders on long-term marketing effects

•           tenders often without transparent rules

•           bad standards and processes = wastes money and spoils the market

What is innovative about this initiative?

First creative campaign for best practices that engaged industry associations and real persons from our market: marketers (Orange, BNP Paribas, IKEA, HUWEI), procurement leaders (telecom Play, AstraZeneca) and agencies.


• knowledge of simple rules (from White Paper)

• reducing tolerance for a market-damaging approach


• by reaching for short-term benefits, we think we’re winning – but in fact we’re destroying the effectiveness of tenders and true business efficiency

• quasi-benefits are not real effectiveness – it’s just an illusion of winning


• Using the popular BINGO format, we will show you that EFFECTIVE PITCH means EFFECTIVE BUSINESS


campaign results from 1st stage:

• 4.2 thousand video views and 3.7 thousand unique viewers (You Tube)

• 1 thousand unique visits on BINGO Landing Page

• over 40 thousand unique users saw the most popular post on Facebook

• over 1 thousand unique users saw the least popular post on Facebook

• over 4 thousand people saw the BINGO post on Linkedin

30 thousand video unique viewers on Linkedin

• lack of negative reactions in Social Media

• paid LinkedIn campaign – film was watched by 82 147 key marketing managers