Brand Strategy Tools & Techniques

Brand Strategy Tools & Techniques

Overview of key brand strategy tools and techniques. Practical use-cases based on real trials and errors of a senior practitioner, collected over the years of work on the side of the best advertising agencies, brand consulting, business consulting and on the client side (retail).

Instructor:Mikołaj Dragović

Language:English, Polish

Category: Branding, Marketing

Delivery:Online (Sync.)

Course type:Course

Sessions:Your choice

Starting month: On demand

Price: 2500€

What are the objectives of this course?

In this course you will learn:

  • How a brand works
  • How to make the best out of traditional and new strategic planning tools
  • How to build a brand in accordance with the tasks it faces
  • How to lead the brand building process
  • How to obtain information that will help you work on creating a brand communication strategy

Who is this course for?

This course is for business professionals as well as senior planners.


Brand, architecture, branding, strategy:

  1. What is the brand
  2. Brand architecture
  3. Branding
  4. Strategy


  1. How to translate your brand into reality
  2. Cooperation with agencies
  3. Tests

Practical knowledge in a nutshell, or how to do it efficiently and not go mad:

  1. How to create a brand, where to start, how to arrange work
  2. The whole process in a nutshell

About Mikołaj Dragović:

Mikołaj Dragović, Senior marketing specialist with 12 years of experience in marketing and business strategy and implementation, as well as branding and communication for the largest Polish and international brands.

He started his professional adventure with marketing in the planning department at McCann Erickson advertising agency and then in the most experienced strategic boutique in Poland – Stratosfera. During two years of work in Milan (senior consultant at Interbrand consulting company), he gained unique experience in Poland in the field of brand strength assessment models and their financial valuation.

He returned to Poland to become manager and the offering leader in one of the largest consulting companies in the world (Deloitte Consulting) in the Brand Strategy & Consumer Research department. Curently he works as a Senior Manager in a Strategy Department of a fastest growing retail comany in Europe – Żabka convenience stores.

He has run projects in the field of building brand strategies, including positioning, cultural analysis, portfolio projects and product innovations for the largest brands in Poland and beyond.