Client Creativity Empowerment Program

Client Creativity Empowerment Program

All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition 


To address the juxtaposition of creativity against effectiveness perceived by clients, we implemented the initiatives. Despite active participation in the Effie Awards Ukraine, Ukrainian advertisers lacked engagement in creativity-focused industry activities. Our pivotal initiatives aimed to refocus client attention towards creativity include: Best Marketing Teams: unique ranking incorporating Effie Awards accolades and recognition from national creative contests, highlighting industry leaders across various sectors. Client’s View: distinctive contest within a creative festival, judged solely by marketers to emphasize creative evaluation over effectiveness, challenging clients to appreciate creative aspects. Advertiser’s Choice: comprehensive survey among advertisers to identify preferred creative agencies without constraints. 

What is innovative about this initiative? 

We introduced an innovative platform enhancing client-agency interaction and emphasizing creativity’s role alongside effectiveness in marketing. The Best Marketing Teams initiative redefines marketing team evaluations by incorporating achievements not only from Effie Awards but also from creative festivals, advocating for a broader appreciation of creative marketing strategies. Client’s View invites clients to assess agency work focusing on creativity, fostering a deeper understanding of the creative process. Meanwhile, Advertiser’s Choice empowers advertisers to select partners freely, valuing creative insight and problem-solving skills. Collectively, these initiatives elevate market creativity among marketers on a new level. 


These initiatives significantly transformed Ukraine’s advertising sector by fostering greater engagement of marketers in creative festivals/contests, highlighting the significance of creativity alongside effectiveness. Best Marketing Teams ranking redefined how marketing efforts are evaluated, spotlighting creative achievements beyond just effectiveness, thus urging companies to innovate. Client’s View challenged marketers to assess agency work for its creative merit, enhancing agency-client understanding. Advertising Choice empowered advertisers to select partners based on creativity, without constraints. Collectively, these efforts not only raised the creativity bar but also cemented innovation’s culture and mutual respect between agencies and clients, paving the way for groundbreaking marketing strategies.