In 2022, it seemed that AdNetZero was far from ready to launch outside of the UK and the USA and that – if they were to expand to other European countries – it would come with a high cost per usage. Yet, the ACC Board of Directors insisted we should act quickly to offer 1 platform for all Belgian agencies on which all Sustainability-related issues would be gathered at zero cost. Since ACC ‘only’ represents +/- 200 agencies, we reached out to all Federations and media in the Belgian marcom scene and we created the CommToZero community.

What is innovative about this initiative?

On the initiative of ACC’s Sustainability Manager, all Belgian Federations, active in the communication industry, as well as all Belgian media co-funded the creation of the CTZ-platform, including the Zero Greenwashing guidelines (monitored by the Jury of Ethical Principles), the path towards In-House carbon calculation and – most importantly – the Production- and Media Carbon calculators. These were based on existing tools by Air, an ACC member agency and WPP, but made accessible online on a free to use basis. Next month, we will also add ‘My Impact tool’, a calculator developed for the event agency members of ACC.


We reached 3.548 users with 17.493 pageviews in Y1, from which 9.518 pageviews since the official launch of the Media Carbon Calculator – based on data of all Belgian media providers – in December 2023. Most importantly, we set a new standard in the Belgian market which all creative and media agencies use on a systematic basis.