Interpartners: forum on consumer behavior and business environment in the Balkans

As the pandemic peaked across Europe, the network of communications agencies from the SEE region SEEnthesis – The Balkan Hub initiated by the Bulgarian group Interpartners held its first international online forum Consumer behavior and business environment in the Balkans. Presentations were delivered by the initiators of the network from Interpartners Group and by the agencies from Romania (Media Concept Store), Greece (White Ad), Serbia (Domino Communications), Albania (New Moment Albania), Croatia (Communications Lab) and North Macedonia (New Moment Skopje).

The speakers drew up a picture of the seven markets in Southeast Europe with analytical data about the economic situation and the changes in consumer behavior by sectors, and identified new potential for businesses.  They pointed to common trends including from 30 to 50% reduction in communications budgets across the region, up to 250% growth in online presence, shift of consumer preferences to local products and growing interest in high-quality real properties. The experts also provided tips on how brands should steer their communication in the crisis prompted by Covid-19 to make shore they craft a stable future and steady growth.

The online forum saw a turnout of more than 100 representatives from companies in the region – among them some already operating on more than one Balkan markets, as well as others looking for new niches or planning expansion on a neighboring market.

The presentation and a comparative analysis of the markets are available here.