Havas: Study on behaviour and attitudes

A study done in France, Belgium and Italy about attitudes and behaviours during confinement, related to consumption, brands and retail

Back to basics 80% only buy essential products ( 90% in France) and 60% spend less ( 76% in France) showing a relative resilience in Belgium.

Big jump to private labels 36% switch to PL. a pivot which will might define a new paradigm  for brands and call for meaningfulness as an imperative.

Explosion of ecommerce but only within the 18/34 age group where 55% declare to buy more there.

People miss traditional forms of commerce more than they are excited by e commerce opportunities. (amazon is not present in Belgium for info, you have to order through F or NL)

Proximity shopping, and locally produced brands and products are strong winners in this confinement moment.

Strong recognition of the efforts made by the retail : 80% believe Retailers have done whatever they could to maintain consumption.

Yet with huge fears! 63% fear going there for health!

Temporary   unemployed people are far more impacted. Appearing on all items, from level of consumption, nature of consumption, to fear in shops and projection in the future.  As Vincent keeps telling me, in temporary unemployement, there is the word unemployement.

People anticipate a radical change of life post confinement. Priority to family and social and 58% expect to spend significantly less after.