Interpartners: trends and prospects for the ad industry

The unprecedented crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic has forced communications agencies to change the way they work and adapt to the new conditions. In this situation, the agencies have taken actions to effectively communicate key health messages, to support their clients in communication during the crisis, to study and analyze trends and prospects for the advertising industry during and after Covid-19.

“The new reality leads to new consumer needs and the formation of new consumer habits,” said the team of Interpartners. In the conditions of extraordinary working conditions, it is “extremely important to share experience and be as useful as possible not only to our customers, but also for the industry and society.”

Since the very first hours and days of the COVID-19 state of emergency declared in Bulgaria on March 13, one of the country’s longest-running communications groups, Interpartners, has been active and useful to its clients, partners and fellow marketers. Starting in March it has been running regular webinars to deliver fresh data on changes in consumer attitudes, latest trends and practical advice of how marketing communications should unroll today. On top of all that, the creative team of Interpartners has joined in by offering free brainstorming sessions with ideas and action plans for brands willing to launch communication campaigns in the days of the new normal.

Interpartners is a member of the Bulgarian Association of Communications Agencies.

The publication in Bulgarian language can be found here.