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A Day in the Life of a Strategy Director

When I was 14 years old, my older sister gave me a book “Ogilvy on advertising”. She told me that I might be interested in it. As usual, she was right. This year I will be 30 and I am still interested in it.

Here’s a typical day of my life as a Strategy Director at Zaraguza.

5:50 am: Shh..

6:00 am: Oh, come on.

6:10 am: Ok mate, wake up. Pretty though season is coming up, you have to be in shape and ready.

7:50 am: Morning run is done. Quick 11 kilometer run in – 4 degrees, a lovely way to kick your brain into a busy day. Now endorphins, please, do your job.

9:00 am: Arriving at work. We are having quick status meeting about the on-going projects with our team. It seems that there is a lot of cool stuff to do.

10:00 am: Meeting with the client. We are discussing activity plan for the next year. So many things to do, but we got a very limited budget. We are identifying priorities, top needs and their potential for social media. I hope we got them and everything is much clearer now.

12:00 am: Lunch before client presentation. It is a very important tender and this is our final pitch. We are a little bit nervous, but we know that we have done our best. Communication concepts are based on a solid data and consumer insights, the ideas are clear and creative executions look awesome, so let’s go.

1:30 pm: We are after the presentation. Our first feelings are great, so let’s get our fingers crossed. Can’t wait for the feedback, we really want to win this account.

2:00 pm: Time for a table football with colleagues. It is the best way to give your brain a short break and try to kick some asses.

3:00 pm: Review with the creative team. They have done a good job, we are still looking for the new prospective on how to look at the product proposition. I have been in this business for more than 6 years and I am still wondering how fragile every single idea can be.

5:00 pm: Time to finish the presentation for the next day. Our potential client is local based company, which is operating on 8 European markets in fashion industry. What a great challenge and opportunity at the same time.

8:30 pm: I’m done. Meeting my girlfriend for dinner and beer. Cheers.


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