Delayed Payment Terms Campaign 

Delayed Payment Terms Campaign 

Romanian Advertising Association (UAPR) 


Although there is a law regarding acceptable payment terms, in our industry, through contracts, clients impose long payment terms to agencies and freelancers, and agencies impose long payment terms to suppliers and freelancers. This way of working puts a lot of pressure on the cashflow of the agencies and on the wellbeing and financial predictability of suppliers and freelancers. The initiative, had the objective to raise awarness on the payment term issue, at industry level and initiate a change in behavior. Campaign was roll out especially in social media and generated real life testimonials about impact of delayed payment terms. 

What is innovative about this initiative? 

The idea of the campaign is that behind numbers and invoices there are people with needs, dreams and ambitions. Therefore, it is important to pay the invoices in max 30 days. On the uapr website, one could find out how people in the marcomm industry see this situation. We believed that speaking out loud about this issue can generate an improvement of the situation. The campaign generated real life testimonials from people form the industry that explained the impact of delayed payment terms in their business and their life. 


The campaign generated positive feedback in the marcomm industry, word of mouth and provided agencies with some arguments of negotiating better payment terms. The issue of course, ist’s not solved, needs a lot of work, but the campaign was a very good conversation start.