Digiceda – abeceda digitalne pismenosti i zapošljivosti 



“Digiceda – abeceda digitalne pismenosti i zapošljivosti” is a project initiated by HURA and its partners Zaklada Solidarna, Centar Sirius and Udruga IKS. The focus of this initiative was educating young and unemployed people from the Sisak region on digital literacy and mental health in order to raise the region’s employment levels. The workshops were tailored to various age groups, ranging from middle and high school children to unemployed adults. Participants in these workshops now feel more prepared for their future careers and have gained valuable skills to navigate the life changes that are yet to come. 

What is innovative about this initiative? 

This initiative started after a challenging period for many people in the Sisak region who, like the rest of the world, endured a pandemic, but were also devastated by an earthquake. The aforementioned organizations have recognized the help that the people needed and made sure to provide many workshops covering various topics to help individuals envision a brighter future in such difficult times. Additionally, a more permanent impact was achieved by educating local NGOs which is a direct investment into a better future for the region. 


Over 20 workshops were conducted for middle and high school students, and unemployed adults, 15 schools and 14 non-profit organizations participated in this initiative. These numbers speak for themselves, but the true success of the initiative lies in the amazing feedback received and the knowledge gained, which will help transform many lives and create brighter futures. Also, we published a Digital manual that covered topics from workshops and conducted a fundraising campaign, during which €1600 was donated to “Lovreki” for the restoration of their creative spaces in the school.