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Powered by the European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA), INSPIRE is an open-source catalogue of live and on-demand courses, talks, webinars and workshops tackling creativity, communication, advertising and even regulatory & highly technical issues.


The INSPIRE courses, workshops and events are rigorously curated by a team of communications experts within EACA

Agencies, experts and speakers are welcome to submit their online/physical courses on the platform

The proposed courses and events cover topics from creativity and HR to media planning, procurement and production


We believe in life-long learning, so whether you are a student, a young professional or a director, you are welcome to browse, register and attend the platform’s courses at your own pace.


Experts, speakers and agencies from all over the world can submit their courses – regardless if they are free or paid. Once submitted, the proposals are thoroughly checked by EACA’s Education committee.

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Brand Strategy Tools & Techniques

Overview of key brand strategy tools and techniques. Practical use-cases based on real trials and errors of a senior practitioner, collected over the years of work on the side of the best advertising agencies, brand consulting, business consulting,

  • Language: English, Polish
  • Instructor: Mikotaj Dragovic

Don’t take statistics to a Story Fight: Mastering Neurochemically Active Storytelling

Well-told stories have a unique power to move human beings to action. It’s a form of communication that connects on a deeper psychological level than the intellectual presentation of facts.

  • Language: English
  • Instructor: Peter Rudge & Emma Foster

Create Opportunities by Understanding Client Business

Only by our people fully understanding our clients business and asking the right questions, rather than answering the wrong ones can we hope to create initiatives to build our client’s businesses, brands and reputations.

  • Language: English
  • Instructor: Paul Burns