Episode #3: What is keeping the media world up at night?

Episode #3: What is keeping the media world up at night?

In Episode 3 Johan Boserup (Omnicom Media Group), Susanne Wallraff (Publicis Media), Balazs Kaposi (Dentsu International), and Christian Droeghoff (GroupM EMEA) reveal which are the biggest concerns and updates that the media market has faced recently.

The media market is driven by the demand from advertisers, who spend money on the specific audience they want to target, and the supply from the audience, who will engage with certain content. One of the concerns Susanne Wallraff, Head of Partnerships and Investments EMEA Publicis Media, relates to the fact that many clients still prefer traditional media formats, such as TV, rather than experimenting with different tools. This means that the audience is divided, as some people definitely prefer digital formats. This can cause an imbalance between demand and supply leading to inflation. Another major challenge the industry is facing is not only to attract talent to the sector but to keep it afterwards. In this case, specific roadmaps to address this issue are also an important test to check the effectiveness of our industry’s strategies.

Top 5 growth providers during hard times 

Balazs Kaposi, Global Head of Investment of Dentsu International, highlighted the factors that have made the media industry grow during the global crisis. First, he pointed to the strong relationship with the technology sector, which during this period showed incredible media use and increased purchases.  

On the other hand, other related sectors that also grew and boosted the advertising industry are retail, e-commerce, cosmetics, and entertainment, as people were finally ready to live life after two years of staying at home and wanted to have fun. 

Media market vs. Recessions 

During Covid-19 the industry witnessed a phenomenon that proved the intention of customers to invest in formats from which they could see easy results in terms of sales. When recession hits, the focus will be on business solutions based on results, which are measurable and guaranteed.  Furthermore, the strong data from data capabilities will be a great asset for better targeting and used as a major focus for campaigns.In a recession, the focus will shift from innovation to more business aspects, which could lead to the consolidation of products, services and even companies. 

A look into the media’s future  

Our industry is one of the most adaptable, agile, and flexible sectors. These qualities will always be an asset. Whether it is clients who want to sell their products/services or consumers who are constantly looking for a solution to their everyday needs, the media will always play the role of moderator to connect both sides as they develop.

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