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EACA Chats: Green Claims Framework (Follow-Up Session)

This image is the info banner for the EACA Chats on June 22nd 2023. An extra wide image with a background divided in two colors: white (top) and a EACA blue gradient (bottom). The EACA Chats logo is displayed on the upper left corner, and underneath is the date and time of the event: "22 June 2023, 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. CEST, Virtual". Below, now on the blue gradient, is the title of the event: "Green Claims Framework: Follow-Up Session". On the right side of the banner is the picture of our speaker, Alexis Bley, inside the EACA Speech Bubble (our recognizable branding element) and with his name and position underneath: "Alexis Bley, Public Affairs Manager, EACA".

June 22, 2023 @ 3:00 pm 4:00 pm

Following the EACA Chats on May 31st where we addressed the Green Claims framework, we will be hosting this follow-up session to provide additional information on how the regulation will apply to agencies. Did you miss the first session? This event is also made for you. Don’t miss this new opportunity to catch up with the regulatory big bang! 

Why is this important to agencies?

So far, Greenwashing has been a common practice in advertising and has not received high scrutiny from a regulatory point of view. This is about to change. In the upcoming years, Greenwashing will be a forbidden practice, with brands and agencies likely to face legal proceedings and financial penalties in case of non-compliance. In this context, understanding what the new rules entail and how to comply with them will be paramount for agencies in the months to come. To support you in this task is what we at EACA aim for.

What is the legislator trying to achieve?

Products placed and services offered on the EU market are gaining increased scrutiny from both consumers and the regulators regarding their environmental footprint. Consumers want to make informed choices about their purchases and the EU legislator is implementing regulation which aims to ensure that marketing claims are consistent with the environmental impact of goods and services. To this end, regulators are working on regulating environmental claims in advertising by requiring agencies and brands to substantiate marketing messages as well as to demonstrate the environmental-friendly components of the products and services they provide to justify these claims.

This event is exclusive for EACA members.

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