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Transforming Agency Business Models: How to Move to a Sustainable, Higher Margin Revenue Model That Clients Want 

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June 28, 2023 @ 10:00 am 11:00 am

The hourly rate creates a myriad of unwanted challenges for agencies: a self-imposed ceiling on talent and utilisation, limited revenue, reduced profitability, and lower future exit valuation. The solution is not better time management, optimised internal operations or hard work; moving to a business model that enables the creation and delivery of high value products and programmes with new commercial principles and pricing models is possible and furthermore welcomed by clients.

In this 60-minute session (including Q&A) Caroline Johnson, co-founder of The Business Model Company, will provide a framework for how to prepare to change the legacy hourly model, to one where both commerciality and creativity co-exist in a new model where high value products and programmes deliver higher revenue and margins. Caroline will provide real world examples and methodologies from recent success stories and share the principles of how you can make the transition possible and the outcomes that you can expect to be delivered. 

About Caroline Johnson

Caroline is the co-founder of The Business Model Company (TBMC) the pioneering specialist consultancy that redesigns and scales advertising, marketing, and communication agency business models. Caroline believes in true partnership where agency and brand are in both commercial and strategic alignment, through the delivery of the proven TBMC business model change programme. Clients are empowered to move away from selling time-based services and enabled to create and deliver high value products and programmes, with new commercial principles and pricing models that ensure sustainable and high margin revenue. Businesses that work with TBMC include major agency holding companies, global independents and consultancies.

She is an experienced Management Consultant with more than 25 years developing more sustainable business models for creative businesses in the marketing services industry. Her career has spanned KPMG and ten years in Corporate Advisory as a Partner for Results International. Caroline, co-founder Rob Connolly and their team of specialist consultants have been working across all sectors of marketing services and large global advertisers, creating pioneering new models with enviable success and growth for both parties

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