HOWtoWOW is an educational academy focused on educating young people from the communications industry to help them grow both professionally and personally. This academy already has ten successful seasons behind it, and the latest season has shaped almost 300 young minds and equipped them with essential knowledge and skills. The focus of this academy is the most relevant topics which include marketing, the creative process, artificial intelligence and its tools, as well as PR and employer branding. The organizers are always seeking feedback from the participants via surveys following the end of each workshop. 

What is innovative about this initiative? 

HOWtoWOW is the perfect blend of education, networking and personal growth, but what really makes it stand out from the rest of the workshops in this industry is the fact that it is tailored to young people who have just entered the field and are aspiring to grow. This freshness creates a special dynamic during the workshops, and the employers are aware of its importance because they send their employees time and time again for, they know that the knowledge and experience they gain at HOWtoWOW academy is priceless for the whole team. 


The greatest value of this initiative is the impact it has on the whole industry because it educates the base of the communications industry. In the latest season, there were almost 300 participants who offered valuable feedback which showed that they were greatly satisfied with the workshops and the speakers. The participants graded the speakers with 4.84 out of 5, while the presentations and the workshops were graded 4.7 and 4.74 each. HOWtoWOW has gathered more than 20 articles in various Croatian news outlets in its 10th season.