Launched in 2021 by AACC, IIN tackles two issues: the need for advertising agencies to nurture their organizations with diverse visions and cultures, and the remoteness from our industry many creative talents feel, thinking a career in advertising isn’t open to them.

IIN combines the expertise of the French employment agency, a financing organization entrepreneurial and educational nonprofits and member agencies in a complete program for young creative talents. It includes courses and a 6 months internship in an agency.

In October 2023, IIN has onboarded a group of 15 young talents.

What is innovative about this initiative?

IIN reverses the usual training and recruitment process by reaching out to creative talents who don’t have access to classic art schools. Through a unique partnership, IIN relies on a network of expert organizations in their field to identify eligible profiles, provide them with training and internship, and of course, finance the whole initiative so that is remains free to the trainees.


From the first group of students who have completed the program, four are now freelance or employed in the sector, six of them have started additional training and five have changed their professional projects. Building up on the first group’s experiment, a few adjustments were made for the second group in terms of training and preparation stages. Students now go through 4 months of intensive courses and a week of professional immersions within the program’s 14 partner agencies to ensure a good fit between them.