1. Integrated Communication

Awarded to the campaign that uses at least three different types of media/disciplines (game, direct marketing, instore, sampling, e-mail marketing, word-of-mouth, street performance, event, social, mass-media) to most effectively market a product, service or company. Emphasis: media choice and integration of all media channels, creative look and feel.

  1. Experiential Engagement and Events

Awarded to the campaign that best uses experiential marketing activity to achieve its promotional objectives, guerrilla, ambient, PR stunts or any other live activity that disrupts the consumers environment to market a brands key objectives. 360º, AR, VR Live and physical experiences are welcome in this category. Emphasis: engaging live experience.

  1. Sponsorship

Awarded to the campaign that does the most to leverage and engage with consumers through a brand sponsorship. Entry must clearly state the property being sponsored and how the brand was able to leverage this sponsorship to enhance the brand’s key objectives with its target consumers. Emphasis: Leverage of sponsor partnership.

  1. In-Bound and 1:1 marketing

Awarded to the campaign that best succeeds in attracting new prospects, engaging with them at scale, and delighting them individually, by using tools like video, content strategy, e-mails, marketing automation and smart content.  Partnering with sales and services teams to keep the flywheel spinning effectively and help the business grow. Emphasis: 1to1 at scale.

  1. Innovative idea

Awarded to the campaign that best demonstrates a unique marketing/creative idea or fresh interpretation of an established idea in relation to mechanics, channels of communication, type of incentive and/or approach to the target group. Emphasis: creativity and innovation.

  1. Brand Building (Outbound marketing)

Awarded to the campaign that does the utmost to enhance a brand’s/company’s image and equity in view of the marketplace and relevant circumstances, using all means of and appropriate communication vehicles. Emphasis: brand activation e.g. feasibility of brand heritage and meaning.

  1. B2B marketing

Awarded to the campaign that does the most to market a product or service among business customers: a B2B activity tailored to an identified business need, target audience and business environment. This can include dealer and salesforce activation. Self-promotion campaigns of agencies fall also within this category. Emphasis: B2B target group.

  1. Shopper marketing

Awarded to the campaign that combines the best new thinking for pre-, to-, in- and post-store activity with a deep understanding of the consumer to positively impact on the consumption of a brand by changing shopper behaviour. Focusing on the powerful brand currency od intelligent shopper journeys and immersive experiences – captivating audiences at every touch point. This can include traffic creation, point of sale design, instore theatre and any activity in close proximity that contributes to the shopper experience. Emphasis: impact on shopper journey and sales activation.

  1. Loyalty Marketing Campaigns

Awarded to the campaign that demonstrates the best use of points (saving systems), vouchers, proof of purchase collection, loyalty cards from the industry and the retailing side (either on- or offline). The results should demonstrate a proof of impact on the strategic development of a brand, service or company, driven by either introduction approach (get to know)/loyalty/retention or sales objectives.Emphasis: the choice and use of media channels adapted to suit each target market and/or customer insight(s).

  1. Product Launch/Relaunch/Trial campaigns

Awarded to the campaign most effective in gaining brand awareness/trial/repeat for a new, repositioned, existing or extended product service or company. Emphasis: clever, innovative ideas to make a brand relevant/new, worth trying.

  1. Digital Communications (excl. Social Media)

Awarded to the campaign that uses interactive communication most effectively as the major communication driver via the use of digital media, electronic or other forms of interactive communication to effectively promote a product, service or company. This can include, but is not limited to, websites, microsites, games, search engines, banner ads and instant messaging. Emphasis: use of digital media which clearly drives customers to act directly.

  1. Social media and influencer programs

Awarded to the campaign with the best use of social platforms to deliver content and/or messaging to consumers to elicit a direct social response. This can include all social networking sites, blogs, wikis, video-sharing sites, hosted services through social influencers and brand ambassadors to create and/or enhance relationships with a community/consumer leading to commercial success.

  1. Cause or Charity/Non-Profit Marketing

Awarded to the campaign that does the most to market a charity or product, service or company while making a positive impact on a social cause of charity. Emphasis: relate non-profit to a brand/service; raise profile of the cause or charity; create awareness on issues: social, economic, political.

  1. Small budget campaign

Awarded to the campaign that achieves all stated objectives while adhering to a small budget. A small budget is considered as less than €25,000. Emphasis: maximum result with a minimum of budget (cleverness).

  1. Branded Content

Awarded to the campaign that uses the generating of content as a way to promote the particular brand, generally funded entirely by a brand or corporation as a form of advertising production. The brand is the hero, not the commercial message through the combination of content as added value in a form of entertainment and/or information. Used as video, viral video, product placement in movies or series, film, video games, promoted stories, music events, online, blogs. The results should show that the brand philosophy and message is translated into creative concept that was able to add value to the brand so that target group(s) are convinced in an emotional, relevant and reliable way. Emphasis: message from a brand that overcomes 'advertising suspicion’.


You must state results as well as execution samples to show approach and performance. Emphasis: relevance, consistency, clear creative.