AdEx Benchmark H1 2016
IAB Europe, in collaboration with IHS Markit, November 2016
The AdEx Benchmark H1 2016 study reveals that online advertising grew 13.4% to €18.6bn for the first half of 2016 from €16.4bn in H1 2015 and is expected to continue double-digit growth for the full year of 2016. According to the study, mobile was central to the growth of online advertising across all formats; mobile display grew by 61.3% and mobile search by 57.3%. Mobile display was particularly prominent in the CEE region where it experienced a growth of more than 100%. The CEE region helped to drive the overall growth with an increase of 16.2% whilst the more mature markets in Western Europe experienced a growth of 13.1%.
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AdEx Benchmark 2015
IAB Europe, May 2016
The AdEx Benchmark research – the definitive guide to the state of the European online advertising market – revealed a €30bn net addition to the online ad market in the last 10 years. All markets participating in the study recorded positive growth, a total of twenty markets grew double-digit for the second year running (three markets recording 30%+ growth, a further nine showing 20%+ growth and a further eight 10%+ growth). Mobile and video formats continue to show strong growth. 
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Effie Effectiveness Index 2016
Effie Worldwide, April 2016
The Effie Index recognizes the companies that create the most effective marketing communications ideas from around the world, determined by their success in more than forty national, regional and global Effie Award competitions.

The 2016 Effie Index global rankings are compiled from over 3,000 finalists and winning entries from worldwide Effie Awards competitions that announced finalists/winners between January 1, 2015 and December 31, 2015. To review all worldwide, regional and national rankings visit

Advertising Pays 4: Export value and global impact
Advertising Association, April 2016
UK advertising has a longestablished reputation for excellence – a reputation now reflected in substantial foreign earnings.

This report seeks to pin down the causes and effects of this reputation, evaluating exactly what it is that UK advertising exports to other countries – not just in terms of its services, but also through its creativity and talent, and its impact on economies and societies around the globe. Such international standing creates a virtuous cycle, with the UK continuing to attract foreign earnings and global talent, both crucial ingredients for the enduring success of UK advertising.
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ZenithOptimedia Ad Expenditure Forecast
ZenithOptimedia, March 2016
ZenithOptimedia has released the newest edition of its Advertising Expenditure Forecasts. This edition covers 81 markets, provides forecasts to 2018, and reports report actual data for 2004 to 2015 where available. Approximately 205 A4 pages, published quarterly.

Data is split by medium for each market: newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, outdoor, cinema and internet are all included where the information is available. Also included are background economic data such as GDP growth and consumer price inflation rates, which help put the advertising expenditure figures into context.
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EPC Global Media Trends Book
European Publisher's Council, March 2016
For the second year running, the European Publishers Council (EPC), representing Europe’s leading media organisations, is delighted to present to you the EPC Global Media Trends Book.

This book captures the trends in revenue and usage patterns for a variety of digital media, Internet and more, and then analyses and projects the future of these digital media segments. The data in this book is presented to readers by the EPC as an invaluable tool to inform both media business strategies and appropriate regulation worldwide.

Download this year’s Executive Summary on the right. The full 200-page report is complimentary for EPC Members, EU Officials and journalists upon request.
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Group M Forecast
Group M, December 2015
This Year Next Year Worldwide features exclusive forecasts from the GroupM network of advertising investment by medium in 70 countries. Historic data is drawn from the best sources available, adjusted by us where necessary. Most countries are reported net of media booking discounts and apocryphal agency commission. Net is our preferred mode, but a few small countries still report only gross (ratecard) either by tradition or more usually the lack of any better historic data.

Summary tables include separate modelled five-year forecasts and marketing services investment (direct marketing, market research, public relations and sponsorship) by region (North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific). The appendicesgather all the dollarized data together. Includes top advertisers and categories for each country.

New editions published every July and December and they can be purchased on
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IAB Europe Report: How online advertising enables the digital economy of the future
IAB Europe, November 2015
Online advertising is a key driver of the European digital economy that promotes business and economic growth and paves the way for broader digital sector innovation. This report illustrates this integral contribution of online advertising.
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AdEx Benchmark 2014
IAB Europe, May 2015
The AdEx Benchmark research – the definitive guide to the state of the European online advertising market – revealed that online advertising achieved double digit growth for a fifth consecutive year. All markets participating in the study recorded positive growth and twenty markets grew double-digit. Mobile and video ad spend continued on their strong growth curves and are now a significant proportion of display and search ad spend.
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Advertising Pays 3: The value of advertising to the UK's culture, media and sport
Advertising Association, January 2015
Advertising's primary role in society is economic. It helps to fuel growth, competition and innovation, while enabling firms to bring people better, more affordable products and services.

This report examines the impact of advertising on the media, and on the activities that people enjoy in their everyday lives. An estimate of the "individual value" is made that this amounts to - the value, translated into monetary terms, of the perceived benefits people get from using services that are free or subsidised by advertising. The focus lies on television, radio, online services, newspapers and magazines, cinema and the arts, and sport.
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Creating Growth: Measuring cultural and creative markets in the EU
EY, December 2014
This study emphasises that creative works are one of the main sources nourishing the digital economy, which has been placed at the forefront of the European Commission’s future policy plan. Jean-Noël Tronc, CEO of French authors’ society Sacem, commented that “The creative and cultural sectors are an integral part of the digital economy. Creative works are instrumental in the value generated by the digital networks and platform”.
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The Whole Picture: How advertising portrays a diverse Britain
Credos, November 2014
Credos - advertising's think tank – has launched its latest report The Whole Picture: How advertising portrays a diverse Britain. It asked:

  • Is advertising doing enough to reflect the UK’s ethnic profile?
  • Which brands are successful in representing diversity and why?
  • How can advertising engage all people in the UK?

Naturally, an increasing number of advertisements reflect this, and while there are those who think advertising should be required to reflect the UK's ethnic mix more accurately, we think that advertisers should want to. It's not only good for people, it's good for business.
The report unpacks findings across how Britain is changing, how people define identity, diversity in public life, why brands should care, reflections on UK advertising today, and how to talk about diversity.
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The Marketer's Guide to Big Data Partners
Advertising Age, October 2014
This Guide consists of key Big Data categories a marketer needs to know and the vendors that can help.
Categories include: Campaign Measurement & Digital Analytics, CRM Data Services, Cross-Channel Marketing and more.
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IAPI Industry Census
Institute of Advertising Practitioners in Ireland, July 2014
The Institute of Advertising Practitioners in Ireland (IAPI) is the trade body of representing advertising agencies across the spectrum: creative, media, digital and full-service.
They conducted a survey of the members to capture key industry data. The research also captured insights and forecasts from senior stakeholders in member organisations on trends within the industry.
Of the 49 IAPI members invited to participate, data was submitted by 45 agencies, representing an excellent response rate of 92%.
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European Institutional Changes 2014: Potential impact on the ICT industry
APCO, May 2014
An analysis of the potential impact the EU 2014 institutional changes may have on the ICT industry, has been prepared by APCO Worldwide’s office in Brussels.

From 22-25 May 2014, EU voters will go to the polls to elect 751 Members of the European Parliament and decide the direction of Europe for the next five years. In November, a new College of Commissioners is scheduled to take office, and a new President of the European Council will be appointed on 1 December 2014.

Up to half of the next Parliament’s MEPs are expected to be new, and only a few of the current Commissioners are likely to remain for a new term. Brussels will see new heroes (and anti-heroes) as well as the return of current players. Furthermore, this institutional transition is likely to be particularly notable due to continued economic and political uncertainty across Europe, e.g. rising left-wing and right-wing Eurosceptic movements.
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Advertising Pays 2: How Advertising Fuels the UK Economy
Advertising Association, January 2014
In January 2013, the AA and Deloitte showed how advertising does more than just benefit individual businesses – it underpins £100bn of UK GDP by helping businesses reach customers, promoting innovation, enhancing competition, and expanding and developing markets.

So this sequel - Advertising Pays 2: How advertising can unlock UK growth potential argues that sustained economic recovery will depend on the health of our SMEs – in particular those medium-sized businesses most poised for growth.
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IAB Native Advertising Playbook
Interactive Advertising Bureau, December 2013
Native has become a hot topic in the advertising marketplace, but for the practice to flourish further, it needs consensus on definitions and structure. In response, IAB and its Native Advertising Task Force released the “IAB Native Advertising Playbook.” This paper provides the industry with a framework for thinking about and discussing current native advertising options with the goal of eliminating marketplace confusion and thereby helping sellers sell and buyers buy. Importantly, it also provides Recommended Industry Guidance for Advertising Disclosure and Transparency for ad units most often described as ‘native.’
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EACA Economic Forecast
EACA, November 2013
EACA's European Economic Forecast provides a sanpshot of the overall health of the economy projected for 2014. It highlights the disparity between different regions of Europe as the markets emerge from the recession.  
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IAB Europe Study: AdEx Benchmark 2013
Interactive Advertising Bureau, May 2013
The AdEx Benchmark research - the definitive guide to the state of the European online advertising market - revealed that online advertising enjoyed another year of sustained growth across Europe. Most markets have shown a significant and now more uniform level of growth than in previous years. Whilst developing markets continue to grow their share of total media spend, the more mature markets have benefited from innovation in online advertising technology and advances in monetising mobile, enabling them to also further extend their growth curve. Changing consumer patterns have made mobile monetisation more urgent and Western European markets in particular are responding to this challenge generating the majority of their growth from mobile. A robust macroeconomic framework has increased advertiser confidence and stimulated budget shifts to online.
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Advertising Pays: How advertising fuels the UK economy
Advertising Association, January 2013
Sixteen billion pounds. Whether you’re in advertising, accountancy or aerospace, that’s a lot of money. So when UK business spends £16 billion on advertising, what happens? We asked the econometricians at Deloitte to find out.

With the help of Deloitte’s modelling, we show how advertising fuels competition by showing people they have a choice. And that kick-starts innovation, encouraging firms to bring new products and services to market. By building brands it helps protect those innovations, stimulate investment and grow exports.
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DG Economic and Financial Affairs: Business and Consumer Surveys
European Commission
The Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs (DG ECFIN) conducts regular harmonised surveys for different sectors of the economies in the European Union (EU) and in the applicant countries. They are addressed to representatives of the industry (manufacturing), the services, retail trade and construction sectors, as well as to consumers. These surveys allow comparisons among different countries' business cycles and have become an indispensable tool for monitoring the evolution of the EU and the euro area economies, as well as monitoring developments in the applicant countries.
The surveys are updated on a monthly basis. Click below to download the surveys.
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Nielsen Global AdView provides information on what advertisers are spending, where and how, in more than 80 countries. With a deep and complete knowledge of local market advertising trends, ad spend, creatives, and TV gross rating points (GRPs) can be compiled, linked and harmonized at brand and product level to enable quick strategic insight into competitive activity within a client’s own product sector.
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WARC combines current new thinking and trends with best practice so that you can make the most informed decisions about your marketing strategy, with access to over 6,000 award-winning case studies, in-depth trend analysis and research reports in one place.
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With nearly half a million monthly users, is the leading information provider focused on the global advertising industry. Partner with the leading trade press worldwide, but also with the industry's top award shows, gathers information on 20,000 agencies and 150,000 campaigns (TV, print, interactive etc.).
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