Media Quality

Media Quality

Media quality
 is an ever-expanding topic that pertains to brand safety, brand suitability, viewability, user experience and advertising fraud, across established channels such as desktop and in-app, but also across emerging areas of concern such as new channels (CTV, gaming, Influencers, audio, digital OOH). When assessing the media quality of a given online inventory, agencies want to understand the risk associated with an ad impression serving on a channel with inappropriate or unsuitable content.

EACA’s Task Force on media quality was launched with the objective to drive real change in the media eco-system by setting the industry agenda on priority issues and working with their partners. It is looking at different existing media quality initiatives and sets common expectations about how they can be improved. They focus on providing a collaborative and clear view on ways and measures to improve the media quality landscape, across the digital ecosystem.


Addressing D&I in Brand Safety

Encouraging European agencies to raise awareness of this problem and to change their practices.

 EACA Guidance on Brand Safety & Empowering Quality Media

In the context of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.