Journée Agences Ouvertes (JAO) 

Journée Agences Ouvertes (JAO) 



Launched in 2011, Journée Agences Ouvertes (JAO) is the annual advertising agencies open day, aiming to show students the wide range of careers available in advertising agencies. It takes place around mid-March, when future graduates have to choose the next step of their training journey. AACC, who organizes the event, ensures coordination with partners (agencies, schools, media network), and sets up a platform where participating agencies will upload their program and any open position they want to publish. This cross-sector, nationwide initiative was recently joined by UDECAM (media agencies) and SCRP (influence agencies). 

What is innovative about this initiative? 

While using a classic form, the open day, JAO is one of the rare happening across a whole sector and open to everyone. In order to showcase how unique our businesses are, each agency is free to design the program they want. It results in a variety of interesting experiences (from gaming to lunch with the management!) demonstrating agencies’ creativity. To make this event even more meaningful, and let young talents express their creative skills, the campaign is designed each year by art school students or young awarded talents, and displayed across Paris thanks to our OOH network partner. 


Since the launch, JAO gathers an average of 80 agencies every year, with around 1500 people pushing the doors of ad agencies. In 2023, 95 agencies have taken part, more than 500 DOOH screens have displayed the campaign. On social media, posts gathered nearly 25000 impressions across all platforms (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).