EPC Global Media Trends Book 2015 – 2016

For the fourth year running, the European Publishers Council (EPC) is delighted to bring to its members, key policy makers and interested journalists the latest data in global media trends.

The 500 data sets and 60,000 words of analysis tell the story of a seismic transformation in content development and publishing for newspapers and magazines:

  • Social Media: Reading an article or news story is in the top five activities on Facebook: publishers have proactive social media strategies and social media advertising is on the increase.
  • Mobile: Publishers are adopting “mobile-first” strategies to deal with changes in competition and consumer behaviour – interaction and attention; but this affects profoundly production, distribution, monetisation, and content development. Most consumers will be using their smartphones to access media content by 2019, going straight to specific articles (not the publication’s home page) and getting there via social media and not by search. When they get there, today’s consumers want high quality, personally relevant content including on-demand video clips. In the US, people using mobile to read newspapers has gone from less than 40% in March 2014 to more than 70% in March 2015.
  • Advertising: internet advertising is poised to overtake TV advertising but ad-blocking is a serious and expanding threat to publishers’ revenues as it spreads from web to mobile.

EPC Executive Director Angela Mills Wade commented: “Amidst these data sets, there are reasons for optimism and excitement about the future, despite the challenges regarding global adspend for newspapers and ad-blocking on web and mobile sites. There are many new opportunities, notably in mobile and social media, and, arguably, greater opportunity than ever to make content appealing and accessible to record numbers of consumers of all ages via their smartphones.”

Over the next year or so, the media will be subject to new and revised EU regulations in the fields of copyright, data privacy, audiovisual media services, text and data mining, and Big Data.

Download the executive summary here. You can access some of the individual chapters of the Book, published earlier this year here.