Mindshare Culture Vulture Trend Report 2016

The Mindshare Culture Vulture Trend Report looks at the various consumer shifts and cultural trends of 2016.

10 Consumer trends of 2016 are discussed in this report. The first trend is the lack of commitment among consumers. Next, the report talks about the growth of E-sports, as opposed to old school sports. Me-dia or the egotistic personalities of consumers are looked at. The fear of growing up and stress of the idea of growing up is the fourth trend that this report uncovers. Fifth, the report shows evidence of a hidden culture in which consumers want uniqueness. Next the report found that consumers like when a brand can turn a minor technology problem into pleasure. Increased empathy was also found to be a huge cultural trend. Additionally, the report found a greater appreciation of content hacking. The ninth trend found was passivity especially among young people. The final trend is the 21st century motherhood that separates generation X from Millennials.