Top 5 trends for 2018

Mindshare Futures is the research programme that runs throughout the year, constantly monitoring and testing emerging tech innovations and the wider cultural changes going on in the world. Every year their Futures team creates this report – to summarize the trends to watch for the year ahead.

For this annual report they have surveyed over 6,000 people, held focus groups across the UK, carried out mobile qualitative and diary style exercises with over 100 people and carried out social and search analysis. They wanted to know what people think, what they say they are doing, what they are actually doing and why. Plus, essentially, how these things are changing over time and how they differ depending on who you talk to. It is vital for us to talk to a range of different people from all age groups, tech abilities, walks of life and areas of the country.

So here they are – the 5 trends for 2018. These are technological and cultural trends they expect to see accelerate in 2018, and continue to resonate over the years ahead. From Artificial Intelligence and data to Augmented Reality and visual recognition, some of our trends are brand new and some have developed out of trends they have highlighted in the past. They discuss these trends and how they will impact consumers, brands and media in the future.

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