Let’s make it a job 

Let’s make it a job 

Romanian Advertising Association (UAPR) 


The advertising industry is facing a deep crisis of young talent, therefore we initiated a campaign with the aim of attracting young/new talents. The core target were the students that are now at the beginning of their work journey. The main objective was to familiarize them with the industry (types of jobs/roles) and attract them through the spirit creative, glam, hard work and fun of the industry. The campaign was deployed 360 – online (ytube, fb,insta, tiktok, spotify), ooh, radio, pr & influencers and events. Students were asked to register on a website that was creating a CV for them. 

What is innovative about this initiative? 

The insight of the campaign was that there are some creative things that the students, actually GenZs, whom we are talking to, already do. They are on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, they’re agile, they’re content creators, they get inspired everyday from how society changes. They are up to date with the newest trends. Practically, they have some inherent advertising professionals’ “reflexes”, routines. If they already do these advertising things, these creative things – why not make officially a job out of it? And even get paid for something they already do out of pleasure. 


Throghout the campaign we generated 4,385 CVs and profiles in the website, that have been shared with the members of our association. Some of the students who registered on the platform have been selected for job interviews or have been involved in other industry educational initiatives – events for students, job opportunities and training opportunities. The campaign generated positive word of mouth in the industry. The buzz created, increased the reputation in the eyes of the people working in ad industry, as well as in the eyes of the marcomm comunity.