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Sustainability was high up on almost everyone’s agenda this year, with COP26 in Q4 and the world leaders trying to agree on common goals for our planet. Advertising, as you already know, is not being looked at with trustful eyes by a society which is increasingly searching for ways to declutter, straighten up and fix past mistakes. Fortunately, more and more clients are becoming aware of the importance of sustainability in their list of values. Helped by capable and environment–driven agencies and consultants, the more progressive brands are joining the conversation.

The task force is led by its spokesperson Faye Raincock from Havas.

sustainability task force

Fighting climate change is where an industry effort is needed. As of November 2021, holding groups/network agencies, as well as two national agency associations have already initiated Sustainability actions across Europe.
The main objective of the EACA Sustainability Task Force is to play a supportive and leading role for its members by providing clear, simple and useful recommendations and strategic advice.
The Task Force aims to accurately identify the changes required in order to drive development in the creative & media industry. Change, especially within the sustainability conversation, takes time – therefore long-term & tangible initiatives are preferable.
The Task Force’s outputs are not meant to form a talking shop, but to actually push for a new framework, applicable across Europe and beyond and endorsed by all stakeholders (through active peer exchange, learning opportunities and liaison with the global agency association VoxComm).

Hannah Harrison
Director of Sustainability

Jack Monaghan
Senior Insight Manager

Jaclyn Kaminski
VP Global Director of Sustainability

Lorella Gessa
Chief Communication Officer

Matthew Buckley-Rees
CSR Coordinator

Nicolas Bordas
Vice President International

Sophie Goerner
European Strategy Director

Sophie Hoffstetter
Worldwide Managing Director

Charley Stoney
IAPI Ireland

Çiçek Kayoğlu
Turkish Association of Advertising Agencies

Elena Tsilika
Head of Sectors
EDEE Greece

Federico Rossi
Marketing & Communication Strategy Developer at Sintesi Factory
UNA Italy

Laura Tampa
Executive Manager
UAPR Romania

Lucie Češpivová
Customer Relationships
AKA Czech Republic

Maarit Aarrekangas
Senior Adviser
Marketing Finland

Maja Baumschabel
Project Manager
HURA Croatia

Marie-Pierre Bordet
Vice President
AACC France

Federico Rossi
Marketing & Communication Strategy Developer at Sintesi Factory
UNA Italy

Sanja Petek Mujačić
Managing Director & Partner, Hauska & Partner
HURA Croatia

Sofie Antorini
Communications Manager
KreaKomm Denmark

Tamara Daltroff
Director General

Victor Buisseret
Sustainability Manager
ACC Belgium