National Associations' Council (NAC)

Stefano del Frate
Director General, UNA
Council Chair
Johan Vanderpoel
Johan Vanderpoel
CEO, Association of Communication Companies Belgium
Council Vice Chair

Chair: Stefano del Frate, UNA (elected 2020).

Vice-Chair: Johan Vanderpoel, CEO ACC Belgium (elected 2019).

Stefano del Frate: “We  have same concerns regarding the agencies situation, which currently seems very similar from one country to another. We all are under pressure within our home markets due to the severe impact of the Covid-19 emergency. Working as one with all other countries will help EACA to achieve that level of standing and representation that is needed in response to this difficult changing time.

I think there could hardly be a better moment to devote my experience to my European colleagues. It is a challenge and a moral duty."


Johan Vanderpoel: “Our sector is becoming more and more inclusive, with new communication disciplines, new channels and new technologies fighting for attention. Making all of this work together has been my passion as CEO of ACC Belgium over the past 7 years and sharing experiences and best practices across borders will be my challenge for the next few years as NAC’s Vice Chair at EACA.”