National Associations' Council (NAC)

Tine-Aurvig-Huggenberger-high res
Tine Aurvig-Huggenberger
CEO, Kreativitet&Kommunikation
Council Chair
Johan Vanderpoel
Johan Vanderpoel
CEO, Association of Communication Companies Belgium
Council Vice Chair

Chair:Tine Aurvig-Huggenberger, Kreativitat&Kommunikation (elected 2019).

Vice-Chair: Johan Vanderpoel, CEO ACC Belgium (elected 2019).

Tine Aurvig-Huggenberger: “I am very pleased with the election as chairman of the NAC. Our common industry is a crucial determinant when it comes to commercial freedom of speech. We are the ones who help and ensure that the message reaches out to citizens, voters and consumers. That is why we also have great political awareness. I am committed to ensuring EACA highlights and safeguards the industry´s interests vis-à-vis the European Parliament and the European Commission to continue to be part of the solution when it comes to regulating the scope of our industry.”

Johan Vanderpoel: “Our sector is becoming more and more inclusive, with new communication disciplines, new channels and new technologies fighting for attention. Making all of this work together has been my passion as CEO of ACC Belgium over the past 7 years and sharing experiences and best practices across borders will be my challenge for the next few years as NAC’s Vice Chair at EACA.”