Networking and business matching 

Networking and business matching 



The growing level of specialization in our industry force all the agencies to be able to also provide those type of services that do not have in house. If you ask to an agency what its interest is to join the association, networking ranks in the very first places and we have always claimed it among our benefits. But then we also discovered that what we were doing was never enough. The richness of variety inside our association was an advantage for those who were looking for business partners. 

What is innovative about this initiative? 

So, following the model of speed dating, we created an event called Rete! (=networking, but also goal) with an extensive session of business matching: every participant was invited to declare the type of service or know-how was able to share and indicate which capability was looking for to complete their offering, Each meeting was limited to 15 minutes 


Even though the initiative had to be participated in presence in Milan, some 120 agencies attended and each of them had at least up to six introductory meeting with other participants. Every positive contact had then to be further agreed in depth on a later private stage. We do not have evidence of all agreements, but the initiative was very well accepted and helped to reach new level of new entries. Associates are asking to repeat the initiative.