Evolution Lab 2016


Evolution Lab is an agency window into the future.

#EvoLab is a 3 day agency gathering where national agency associations’ directors, international advertising and media agency networks, academics and top agency executives meet to discuss burning industry issues and future needs.

The Evolution Forum will:

  • Identify current skills gaps and future needs
  • Determine which role education can and should play according to these needs
  • Spot expectations from key players of the new complex advertising reality
  • Discuss how to involve broader industry
Day 1

Monday 17 October

12.30 | Lunch for National Directors

14.00 | Welcome by NAC Chair, Tania Banotti

14.05 | Breaking point for agency-client relationships?

Stephan Loerke, CEO of the World Federation of Advertisers, will join us for an honest talk about what clients want from agencies today/tomorrow and about often dysfunctional relationships and how to fix them.

15.00 | Coffee break

15.15 | Lessons of 2016 for 2017: What will you do differently?

A moderated discussion about what went wrong in 2016 for your association and what you will do to change it in 2017. Associations’ directors are also invited to share their successful moments while running associations in 2016 and plans for 2017.

17.30 | Meeting closes

19.10 | Depart hotel to La Photographie Galerie

19.30 | EACA networking dinner

22.30 | Return to hotel

Download the full programme here.

Day 2
Day 3