4 Key Learnings to Elevate Your Claim Game

4 Key Learnings to Elevate Your Claim Game

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Keeping up with green claims in our fast-evolving policy landscape feels like running on a treadmill — you’ve got to stay up to date or risk falling off. What if I am outdated?

Listening to our members’ requests, we discovered a need for a thorough understanding of the upcoming EU framework for green claims and how it will affect agencies and clients.

For this reason, we hosted the EACA Chats session “The Future of Environmental Claims: What Agencies Need to Know” on 5th March 2024, a conversation led by EACA Public Affairs manager Alexis Bley.

Did you miss the session where we discovered together the secrets to navigating these regulations and learning how to integrate them smoothly into agencies’ daily operations?

Here are 4 learnings on how agency and clients can elevate their claim game until the coming into force of new sets of regulations:

4 Key Learnings from the EACA Chats Sessions on Green Claims

Lean on official certifications: Consumer scepticism is a clear reality, and opting for official certification is a safe investment to build customer confidence. Advise clients to seek ecological certification at the EU level (e.g., EU Ecolabel, Ecodesign, etc.) and make claims that specifically relate to the environmental benefit.

Back it up with science: Not all products fit neatly into existing certification frameworks. That’s where robust scientific evidence becomes your best ally. If recognized certification is not possible, ensure your client’s narrative is backed up by scientific evidence.

Visuals That Reflect Reality: Make sure your visuals are an honest representation of the eco-friendly benefits you champion. Disproportionate visuals regarding the actual environmental benefit are misleading.

Questions? Seek Expert Advice: To avoid major legal risks, contact your national advertising self-regulatory body and request copy advice. Their guidance is a toolkit for crafting claims that are as persuasive as they are responsible.

Alexis Bley, EACA Public Affairs Manager
Alexis Bley, EACA Public Affairs Manager

For a deeper dive into making your green claims stand out or if you have any questions, please reach out to Alexis Bley alexis.bley@eaca.eu

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