4 Key Learnings from the “Pioneering Accessible Advertising” panel 

4 Key Learnings from the “Pioneering Accessible Advertising” panel 

In the race to create impactful advertising, inclusivity is no longer optional — it’s essential. How can you ensure your work resonates with all audiences?

Answering the call of our members, EACA is excited to highlight the recent “Pioneering Accessible Advertising” panel at Advertising Week Europe. This collaborative event with ISBA and The Valuable 500 brought together top industry voices to explore the transformative power of inclusive advertising.

Katy Talikowska, CEO of The Valuable 500

Matt Thomas, Senior Director, Brand Function & Media Operations at P&G Northern Europe

Henrietta Corley, Business Director at AMV BBDO

Whether you joined us live or missed the session, we’ve distilled the essential insights shared by our expert panellists to help you navigate and excel in this vital area of our industry.

Here are 4 key learnings on how agencies and clients can champion accessibility and drive innovation:

4 Key Learnings from the “Pioneering Accessible Advertising” panel

Progress Over Perfection: Perfectionism can be an enemy of achieving goals. A mindset focused on continuous improvement is the key to success. Protect the importance of taking one step at a time, whether it’s adapting creative processes or refining research methods. Incremental changes collectively drive significant progress towards greater inclusivity.

Challenge the Status Quo: Feel free to remain “healthily dissatisfied” with the current state of inclusivity in advertising. Regularly challenging existing practices and asking tough questions ensures that the drive for accessibility remains a dynamic and evolving effort.

ROI, Return on Inclusion: Embracing accessibility should not only be seen as the right thing to do from a human perspective but also as a strategic advantage. Inclusive advertising leads to enhanced creativity, better audience engagement, and greater overall success.

Framing Inclusion as an Opportunity: Presenting it as a way to make work more creative, appealing, and disruptive in a positive manner rather than merely a compliance exercise helps shift the perception. This approach can motivate teams to embrace inclusivity enthusiastically and see it as a driver of innovation and success.

Alexis Bley, EACA Public Affairs Manager
Advertising Week Europe 2024, London

Are you passionate about Accessibility and you would like to be more involved in making the advertising industry more inclusive? Don’t hesitate to contact laure.jolibois@eaca.eu to learn more about how you can contribute with EACA’s support.

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