Advertising Europe: How to Build a Modern Revenue Model

Advertising Europe: How to Build a Modern Revenue Model

In our 8th episode of Advertising Europe, we had the pleasure of hosting Tim Williams, an esteemed author, international speaker, and presenter for global business organizations. Tim, an expert in developing new revenue models, joined EACA’s president, Christian de la Villehuchet, to discuss the key concept of reframing agency services as solution sets. This strategic shift creates a more valuable offering to clients and can help agencies overcome self-imposed limitations in their revenue models.

If you suspect that your agency may be facing such challenges, this episode is a must-watch for you.

Founded by Paul O’Donnell, EACA’s former president, Advertising Europe brings together experts, EU decision-makers and EACA members & partners for 30-minute conversations on topics which define the industry. Not your usual talks: Advertising Europe’s aim is to ‘cut it short’ and get to the core of those delicate problems which surround the advertising world or are approaching at the speed of light (think DEI and Sustainability).

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