Booklet release: “Organisational Health: New Competitive Advantage in a Post-COVID World”

Booklet release: “Organisational Health: New Competitive Advantage in a Post-COVID World”

The European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA) Health Communications Council is pleased to announce the release of an insightful booklet titled “Organisational Health: The New Competitive Advantage in a Post-COVID World”. This significant initiative brings together the Council’s members, who are experts in healthcare communications, as well as Professor Sir Cary Cooper, 50th Anniversary Professor of Organisational Psychology & Health at Alliance MBS Manchester University to explore the critical factors contributing to success within and beyond the workplace.

This image is a fragment of the booklet cover. On a wide aspect ratio, the composition consists of a soft red background and a big circle that covers the right 3/4 of the picture, only being visible part of its shape. The circle has a color gradient that includes the colors of EACA's branding (blue, purple, red and orange). On top of it, a white cross with a missing central square that goes beyond the limit of the picture, only being visible the bottom half of it. and the title of the booklet next to it, on its bottom right corner. "Orgnisational health, the new competitive advantage in a post-COVID world" in a thin, sans-serif and rounded font.

In addition to showcasing best practice examples from leading communications agencies, the booklet unveils six vital points organisations across industries should consider to enhance their performance, foster employee satisfaction, and increase productivity. These key focus areas encompass leadership, direction, health & well-being, innovation, learning & development, and working conditions.

The release of the booklet marks a significant milestone in the industry, especially in light of the current talent shortage and the Great Resignation.

The entire publication and the action points can be found here.

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