On April 29th, the Black Representation in Marketing (BRiM) has been launched in the UK. BRIM is a cross-industry initiative aimed at addressing the lack of black representation in marketing. BRiM is led by a group of advertisers and agency partners, leading members of the black community and diversity, equity, and inclusion experts in the industry.

According to research from BRiM*, 7 in 10 UK marketers understand the need for equal representation of blacks. More than half of marketers have made decisions to increase black representation in marketing in the last 12 months. However, there is an opportunity to move from good intentions to meaningful action, as 42% of professionals have not made any decisions to increase black representation in the last year. BRiM wants to help bridge this gap.

Therefore, BRiM launched a framework to provide guidance to marketing organisations and curb the under-representation of people of colour. Supported by the Advertising Association (AA), the framework suggests commitments that both large and small businesses should make and offers templates and tools to help deliver on these promises.

*BRiM research conducted by MetrixLab with a representative sample of 304 marketing professionals in the UK online between 1-10 April 2021. Marketing professionals defined as those that work in the advertising, marketing, market research/ consumer insights departments/ functions in their firm.