Celebrating the 2023 International Education Day

Celebrating the 2023 International Education Day

EACA is celebrating the International Education Day and we are proud to be part of an industry where education and development are at the forefront.

Our National Associations’ Council members are the best example – it doesn’t matter where you are located or the level of experience that you possess, there is always an academy or a course nearby to be attended and benefited from.

Marketing Finland Academy

Marketing Finland Academy has more than 500 marketing and communication training sessions, new webinars every week, and more than 100 of the best experts in the field. Develop your expertise in current topics in the field, from marketing management to digital marketing and content production.

The In-house Carbon Academy

The question companies always ask themselves: “How do we start?”. The In-house Carbon Academy allows all companies in our industry to learn how to go from ‘zero effort to zero carbon’.

The Inclusion Academy

The Inclusion Academy is Belgium’s first online learning platform built to strengthen your knowledge on inclusion.


With more than 60 workshops and almost 4000 participants, the Croatian HOWtoWOW Academy aims to increase business, improve creativity skills, enhance brand development and create new opportunities. 

digiAKA Academy

The Digital Marketing Academy is one of the best-rated educational activities in Czech Republic.

Here, the freshly graduated are able to hone their digital marketing and project management skills via an interactive methodology.

Soz Academy

Soz Academy is one of the most valued activities and the most recognisable brands of the Slovenian Advertising Chamber.

The courses offered range from digital to sustainability and storytelling.